Optics Design and Precision Manufacturing Technologies

Volumes 364-366

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.364-366

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Authors: Shi Hua Yang, Ye Qi Lao

Abstract: The highlight of photoacosutic imaging (PAI) is a method that combines ultrasonic resolution with high contrast due to light absorption....

Authors: Jie Wang, Li Qiang Wang, Yan Shi, Hua Zheng, Zu Kang Lu

Abstract: Capillary array electrophoresis (CAE) is founded with the laser induced fluorescence detection (LIFD) system. The same model as the...

Authors: Heng Zhang, Yun Zhou, Lin Sen Chen

Abstract: A new method of etching micro-grating structures (MGSs) on the surface of glazed stainless-steel directly is reported, which makes good use...

Authors: Yan Shi, Li Qiang Wang, Hua Zheng, Jie Wang, Zu Kang Lu

Abstract: In this paper, the modulation transfer function with aberration of a multichannel laser induced fluorescence analyzer is presented. Based...

Authors: Michael F. Kuechel, Daniel M. Sykora

Abstract: Recent developments in next generation disc technology, cameras in mobile phones, zoom-lenses for small digital cameras and camcorders,...

Authors: Hua Zheng, Li Qiang Wang, Yan Shi, Jie Wang, Zu Kang Lu

Abstract: A novel multi-channel DNA fragment analysis system is presented,which is based on single PMT confocal fluorescence detection and optical...

Authors: Hsiang Chen Hsu, Hui Yu Lee, Yu Cha Hsu

Abstract: The characteristic of overall structure for CMOS image sensor has been studied in this research. A three-dimensional solid model of CMOS...

Authors: Han Chao Zhang, Zhi Lie Tang, Yong Heng He, Li Na Guo

Abstract: A fast photo-acoustic (PA) imaging system was developed and tested on phantom sample, which consists of an acoustic lens,a multi-element...

Authors: Seung Yub Baek, Jung Hyung Lee, Eun Sang Lee, Jung Taik Lee

Abstract: In order to do the precision grinding of optical aspheric lens, it is essential to achieve high quality surface roughness. Experiments show...

Authors: Seung Yub Baek, Eun Sang Lee, Jong Koo Won

Abstract: This study presents the development of an ultra-precision grinding system based on a new grinding technique called the “In-Process Grinding...


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