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Authors: Shu Ming Yang, Xiang Qian Jiang
Abstract:The rate of increasing storage capacity is being slowed by the inability to produce ever closer flying heights between the sliders and...
Authors: Liu Zhan Pan, Chao Liang Ding, Jie Hui Yang, Xiao Yuan
Abstract:Based on the beam coherence-polarization (BCP) matrix approach and propagation law of partially coherent beams, the propagation properties...
Authors: Gui Cai Song, Wei Quan, Yun Song Cai, Hai Qing Wu
Abstract:The coupling of laser with fiber has been used for many fields: such as industry, medical treatment, and communications. At the present...
Authors: Hua Li, Suet To, Ling Bao Kong, Chi Fai Cheung, Wing Bun Lee
Abstract:This paper presents the inspection technology for a freeform surface component which is named F-theta lens. F-theta lens is widely used in...
Authors: Seung Yub Baek, Eun Sang Lee, Jung Hyung Lee, Min Jung Shin
Abstract:In order to obtain competitiveness in the field of industrial manufacturing, a reduction in the development period for the batch machining...
Authors: Yun Jiang Rao, Ming Deng, Tao Zhu, Qing Tao Tang, Guang Hua Cheng
Abstract:This paper reports a novel micro extrinsic fiber-optic F-P interferometric (MEFPI) sensor micromachined on a conventional optical fiber...
Authors: Wei Quan, Gui Cai Song, Fu Yun Liu, Zhao Qi Wang
Abstract:Aberrations of the human eyes in the horizontal visual field were measured with modified Hartmann-Shack wave front sensor. The...
Authors: Chao Chang Arthur Chen, Shi Chi Kao
Abstract:This research aimed to develop a novel two-stage micro injection compression molding (μ-ICM) process for fabrication of plastic diffractive...
Authors: Wei Wang, Sung Hwan Kweon, Young Suk Kim, Seung Han Yang
Abstract:Manufactured miniature parts conventional machine tools are substituted by mini-scale manufacturing system called miniaturized machine tool...
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