High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Yang Wei Lu, Yu Di Zhang, Hai Feng Hu, Chang Rui Zhang

Abstract: A novel, online-joining of C/SiC-C/SiC method, precursor infiltration and pyrolysis, was used to obtain high temperature stable joining SiC...

Authors: Hai Feng Hu, Feng Zhang, Qi Kun Wang, Yu Di Zhang, Zhao Hui Chen

Abstract: In this paper a pseudo-HP process, which uses solid powder to transfer pressure to prepare complex shape articles, was adopted to prepare...

Authors: Yong Lian Zhou, Hai Feng Hu, Yu Di Zhang, Qi Kun Wang, Chang Rui Zhang

Abstract: In this paper the preparation of carbon fiber reinforced ultra-high temperature ceramic matrix composites was reported. Polymer...

Authors: Hong Liang Ji, Chang Rui Zhang, Xin Gui Zhou, Ying Bin Cao

Abstract: A new technology, prefabricating pore media (PPM) technology that adopt glass fiber as pore media, for porous transpiration cooling C/SiC...

Authors: Chun Peng Wang, Jie Tang, Yu Feng Chen

Abstract: Two-dimensional waved carbon fiber preforms were chemical vapor infiltrated under forced flow, thermal gradient mode for preparation of 2D...

Authors: Ai Bing Du, Zhi Xue Qu, Chun Lei Wan, Ruo Bing Han, Wei Pan

Abstract: Spark plasma sintering was used to fabricate the LaPO4 ceramics and the effect of SPS holding time and sintering temperature on the...

Authors: Jakob Kübler, Fernando Eblagon, Thomas Graule, Bruno Ehrle

Abstract: Industrial wood cutting is a highly demanding application for cutting tool materials as a wedge angle of ~50°, a tip radius in the 1 m...

Authors: Li Gao, Lin Jiang Wang, Yi Ting Du, Guo Wei Zhang

Abstract: Kaolinite-glucose intercalation compound was synthesized by the intercalation of polar organic big molecule dodecylamine and then displaced...

Authors: Zhu Yuan, Ke Xin Chen

Abstract: New electric molding composites were fabricated with hybridizing epoxy and several fillers. The examined fillers were β-Si3N4, BN and fused...

Authors: Xiao Qin Zhu, Jin Hu, Jian Sheng Lu, Jia Lin Sun, Yu Fen Yang, N. Ben-Abdallah

Abstract: Calcium chloride hexahydrate (CaCl2·6H2O) is an important inorganic phase change material used for heat storage at lower storage...


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