High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: She Chuang Wang, Shu Zhu Zhou, Wei Zhen Peng, He Zhuo Miao, Wei Pan

Abstract: The composition, microstructures and properties of the Ti(CN) based cermets have been characterized by using SEM/BSE and energy...

Authors: Zong Hao Huang, Long Hao Qi, Wei Pan, He Zhuo Miao

Abstract: Aluminum nitride (AlN) powder was synthesized by gas reduction–nitridation of γ-Al2O3, using NH3 as the reactant gas. The results showed...

Authors: Zheng Guang Zou, Yi Wu, Fei Long, Wen Wu Xu, Dong Ye Yao

Abstract: Based on the empirical electron theory (EET) of solids and molecules, the valence electron structures (VESs) of TiC-Mo(Ni)-Fe system were...

Authors: Jing Zhou Yang, Zhao Hui Huang, Ming Hao Fang, Yan Gai Liu, Xiao Xian Wu

Abstract: Fe-SiAlON-MoSi2 composites were prepared using FeSi75, α-Al2O3, and MoSi2 powders as starting materials at 1400 oC, 1500 oC, 1600 oC and...

Authors: Hong Wei Liu, Long Zhang, Jian Jiang Wang, Xin Kang Du

Abstract: A new near-net-shape technology, namely, self-reactive spray forming, to prepare ceramic preforms with low cost was proposed by combining...

Authors: Hong Zhi Wang, Qi Zhang, Yun Xin Gu, Yao Gang Li, Mei Fang Zhu

Abstract: Ti0.6Cr0.4OxNy bimetallic metal oxynitride nano powder was synthesized by ammonolysis of the nanosized Cr2O3/TiO2 composite powder with...

Authors: Bin Xiang Fang, Bo Quan Zhu, Wen Jie Zhang, Xue Dong Li, Zheng Yun Fan

Abstract: The Al/AlN bonded corundum based multiphase material was prepared by raw materials of fused alumina and metallic aluminum powder by in situ...

Authors: Xiu Xu Zhao, Zu De Zhou, Gang Qin Shao

Abstract: The 5-axis milling processes were conducted with several uncoated WC-Co tools, which are with taper ball end mills with four flutes. There...

Authors: Yi Wu, Xin Wang, Fei Long, Yu Fang Shen, Zheng Guang Zou

Abstract: In the present study, steel-bonded cemented carbide GT35 has been fabricated from natural ilmenite by in-situ carbothermic reduction and...

Authors: Ding Fan, Yao Ning Sun, Min Zheng, Jian Bin Zhang, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: Laser cladding experiment was carried out with a 5 kW continuous wave CO2 laser by preplacing Ni75Si25 and Ni78Si13Ti9 powders onto...


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