High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Qing Li Ren, Qiang Luo

Abstract: The Mg,Al-hydrotalcite/PE-EVA flame-retardant nanocomposites were prepared by the co-mixing method at atmospheric pressure successfully....

Authors: Xian Feng Xu, Peng Xiao, Xiang Xiong

Abstract: After removal of the resin from PAN-carbon fibers, the fibers were coated with C or SiC by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and the effects...

Authors: Song Wang, Zhao Hui Chen

Abstract: C/SiC, C/Si-O-C and C/C composites reinforced with T300 carbon fiber were fabricated via polycarbosilane (PCS), polysiloxane (PSO), and...

Authors: Jing Yu Liu, Ke Jian, Zhao Hui Chen, Qing Song Ma, Song Wang

Abstract: Two-dimensional carbon fiber cloth reinforced silicon oxycarbide (2D-Cf/Si-O-C) composites were fabricated with silicone resin (SR) as...

Authors: Ke Jian, Jing Yu Liu, Zhao Hui Chen, Qing Song Ma

Abstract: Carbon fiber cloth reinforced silicon carbide (2D-Cf/SiC) composites were prepared through polycarbosilane(PCS) /divinylbenzene(DVB)...

Authors: Dong Lin Zhao, Hong Feng Yin, Yong Dong Xu, Fa Luo, Wan Cheng Zhou

Abstract: Three-dimensional textile SiC fiber reinforced SiC composites with pyrolytic carbon interfacial layer (3D-SiC/C/SiC) were fabricated by...

Authors: Qi Kun Wang, Hai Feng Hu, Zhao Hui Chen

Abstract: A novel composite, 3D C/SiC-Cu, which contained copper as transpiration agent, was designed and prepared. The influence of copper contents...

Authors: Wei Li, Zhao Hui Chen

Abstract: The microstructure and its evolution of 3D-Cf/SiC composites derived from organic precursor are studied by using scanning electronic...

Authors: Yong Hui Zhang, Ji Ping Wang, Zhi Hao Jin

Abstract: An improved chemical liquid vaporized infiltration process was developed to fast densify carbon/carbon (C/C) composites. A disc-shaped...

Authors: Feng Zhang, Hai Feng Hu, Qi Kun Wang, Yu Di Zhang, Chang Rui Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, 2D C/SiC composites with different carbon cloth filaments (1K, 3K) were prepared via precursor infiltration and pyrolysis...


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