Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VII

Volumes 385-387

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ikuo Shohji, Tomotake Tohei, Keisuke Yoshizawa, Masaharu Nishimoto, Yasushi Ogawa, Takayuki Kawano

Abstract: Accelerated thermal cycling (ATC) tests were conducted to investigate an effect of thermal cycle conditions on thermal fatigue life of a...

Authors: Mun Su Bae, Jong Bo Kim, Sang Whan Han

Abstract: The objective of this study is to develop inelastic displacement ratio for calculating peak inelastic displacement of SDF systems. The...

Authors: Wakako Araki, Hiroyuki Norigoe, Tadaharu Adachi

Abstract: Zirconium oxide doped with scandium oxide is one of the most promising materials for electrolytes of solid oxide fuel cells because of its...

Authors: M.G. Sierra Beltran, Erik Schlangen

Abstract: In this paper a micromechanics-based design is proposed for the development of a material with enhanced ductility and flexural strength...

Authors: Satoshi Muramoto, Hisao Matsunaga, Shigeaki Moriyama, Masahiro Endo

Abstract: Semi-elliptical shear-mode fatigue cracks were promoted in the axial direction of round specimens of SAE52100 bearing steel by...

Authors: Yuan Gao, Cheng Lu, Guillaume Michal, A. Kiet Tieu

Abstract: In this paper, molecular dynamics method has been employed to model mode I crack propagation in body center cubic (BCC) single iron...

Authors: Cheng Lu, Yuan Gao, Hong Tao Zhu, A. Kiet Tieu

Abstract: The defects in crystalline materials significantly affect the fracture behaviors. In this paper molecular dynamics (MD) model using a...

Authors: Ji Wang, Zai Liang Hu, Ji Ru Zhang, Ming Zhong Zhang

Abstract: The pore properties of the porous material are important factors influencing the vegetation to grow. The pore properties of an artificial...

Authors: Erasmo Viola, Alessandro Marzani, Walid Hasan

Abstract: The goal of this paper is to generate the stability maps for an elastic cracked beam resting on elastic soils and loaded by a constant...

Authors: Ning Li, Shao Peng Wu, Cong Hui Liu

Abstract: The conductive behavior of asphalt concrete can be improved with the addition of conductive materials, thus a multifunctional asphalt-based...


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