Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VII

Volumes 385-387

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Han Seung Lee, Xiao Yong Wang

Abstract: It is well known that carbonation will result corrosion of steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures. To reduce the rate of...

Authors: Yuki Sakamoto, Shigeaki Moriyama, Masahiro Endo, Yuji Kawakami

Abstract: Titanium has widely been used as a biomaterial because of its excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. However, problems with...

Authors: Satoshi Ikeda, Daisuke Koyanagi, Masahiro Endo, Yuki Sakamoto

Abstract: The plastic zone size (PZS) at the tip of a crack emanating from stress concentrators subjected to uniform tension was calculated based...

Authors: Sung Cheol Yoon, Chang Sung Jeon, Won Kyung Kim, Jeong Guk Kim, Sang Hoon Chang

Abstract: This paper describes the results of structural analysis and loading test of a bogie frame. The purpose of the analysis and test is to...

Authors: Chang Su Woo, Wan Doo Kim, Shin Hur

Abstract: Fatigue life of automotive engine mount insulator made of natural rubber was evaluated. In order to develop an appropriate fatigue damage...

Authors: Jeong Guk Kim, Sung Cheol Yoon, Jung Won Seo, Sung Tae Kwon

Abstract: The structural strength during static loadings for a carbody of railway container freight car was evaluated to verify the structural...

Authors: Lucrezia Cascini, Raffaele Landolfo, F. Portioli

Abstract: To develop a durability design procedure based on lifetime safety factor method, different dose-response functions based on both ISO...

Authors: Xiao Yong Wang, Han Seung Lee

Abstract: This paper presents a model for chloride diffusion in cracked concrete. This numerical model includes two parts: hydration model and...

Authors: Man Hae Han, Han Seung Lee

Abstract: Cathodic Protection Method was introduced as a corrosion protection method of metals under the ground or sea. Since 1970, it was applied to...

Authors: Jeong Guk Kim, Byeong Choon Goo, Sung Cheol Yoon, Sung Tae Kwon

Abstract: Damage evolution due to generation of hot spots on railway brake disc was investigated using the infrared thermography method. A brake disc...


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