Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VII

Volumes 385-387

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Yuan Wang, Yong Jie Liu, Xiang Guo Zeng, Hua Yan Chen

Abstract: The stress intensity factor (SIF) for tubular specimens were calculated based on virtual crack closure technique (VCCT). The effects of...

Authors: Mun Hwan Lee, Young Hun Kim, Jong Chan Lee

Abstract: This study proceeded to find the optimum mixing rate of a high strength concrete with 80MPa of compressive strength using meta-kaolin,...

Authors: W.H. Kim, H.H. Cho, J.H. Cha, S.I. Kwun, Dong Hyuk Shin

Abstract: The effects of equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) and subsequent heat treatment on the low cycle fatigue properties of 6005 Al alloy...

Authors: J.H. Cha, H.H. Cho, W.H. Kim, S.I. Kwun, Dong Hyuk Shin

Abstract: The low cycle fatigue(LCF) test was performed to characterize the influences of the equal channel angular pressing(ECAP) and subsequent...

Authors: Yong Hong, Seung Ho Hwang, Gao Ping Wang, Dong Pyo Hong

Abstract: This paper presents a primary study for a method of measurement using PZT sensors which is widely used for SHM. PZT sensor has many...

Authors: Eduard Marius Craciun, Adrian Carabineanu, Niculae Peride

Abstract: We consider a pre-stressed material containing an oblique crack of a length 2a situated in x1x3 plane. We supposed that the material is...

Authors: Qing Fen Li, Gui Ying Qi, Sheng Yuan Yan, Friedrich G. Buchholz

Abstract: In this paper some results of 3D-finite element analyses of a modified CTS-specimen with an inclined crack plane are presented. It will be...

Authors: Ikuo Shohji, Tsutomu Osawa, Takeshi Okashita, Hirohiko Watanabe

Abstract: Impact properties of a solder ball joint with a Sn-0.75mass%Cu lead-free solder were investigated under aging conditions at 393 K....

Authors: Seok Bong Kim, Hoon Huh

Abstract: This paper deals with the dynamic failure elongation of mild steel, SGACD and advanced high strength steel sheets such as TRIP600, DP600...

Authors: Shao Peng Wu, Bo Li, Jun Feng Huang, Zhi Fei Liu

Abstract: It is currently interesting to use thermal or electrical conductive asphalt mixtures for snow-melting and maintenance of asphalt pavements...


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