Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VII

Volumes 385-387

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin San Ju, Xiu Gen Jiang, Xiang Rong Fu

Abstract: This paper primarily describes the development and application of substructure computational analysis techniques in two-step hirarchical...

Authors: Kyu Taek Han, Yi Jiong Jin

Abstract: A muffler is an important part used to reduce noise and to purify exhaust gas in cars and heavy equipments. Recently there has been a...

Authors: Moe M.S. Cheung, Kevin K.L. So, Xue Qing Zhang

Abstract: This paper proposes a life-cycle cost (LCC) management methodology that integrates corrosion deterioration and fatigue damage mechanisms....

Authors: Pasquale Cavaliere, Francesco W. Panella, Antonio Squillace

Abstract: Al-Li alloys are characterized by a strong anisotropy in mechanical properties and microstructure with respect to the rolling direction....

Authors: Xiang Guo Zeng, Hua Yan Chen, Zhan Hua Gao

Abstract: Founded on the energy storing characteristics of microstructure during irreversible deformation, a viscoplastic constitutive model with no...

Authors: Hyun Ki Choi, J.S. Kim, E.S. Jin, Chang Sik Choi

Abstract: This research is an experimental study on full-scale interior slab-column connections of flat-plate. Three types of shear reinforcements...

Authors: Hyun Ki Choi, J.A. Lee, M.S. Lee, Yun Cheul Choi, Chang Sik Choi

Abstract: A series of five shear wall specimens were tested under constant axial stress and reversed lateral cyclic loading in order to evaluate the...

Authors: Hyun Ki Choi, S.W. Beck, Y.S. Baik, Chang Sik Choi

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to study the response of slab-column connections containing various types of shear reinforcement when...

Authors: Hui Peng Liu, Xiang Rong Fu, Song Cen, Xiu Gen Jiang, Jin San Ju, Wen Jie Wang

Abstract: A new strategy of finite differences method is proposed for analysis of notched cross-section bars under elastic-plastic torsion. Relation...

Authors: Fang Jiang, Dong Zhao, Jian Guo Ning

Abstract: The tensile properties of a titanium alloy reinforced with 3% by volume fraction of TiC particles and of an unreinforced titanium alloy are...


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