Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VII

Volumes 385-387

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Akira Shimamoto, Hiroshi Ohkawara, Jeong Hwan Nam

Abstract: In this study, stress intensity factors were investigated and determined by photoelastic and caustics methods to clarify the mechanical...

Authors: T. Kanemaru, Norio Kawagoishi, Eiji Kondo, Qing Yuan Wang, Y. Ohzono

Abstract: In order to investigate the influence of grain size on notch sensitivities in fatigue of a fine-grained carbon steel, rotating bending...

Authors: Gong Shun Guan, Bao Jun Pang, Run Qiang Chi, Nai Gang Cui

Abstract: In order to study the hypervelocity impact of space debris on spacecraft through hypervelocity impact on aluminum alloy multi-wall...

Authors: Liviu Marsavina, Tomasz Sadowski, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Radu Negru

Abstract: Polyurethane foam materials are widely used as cores in sandwich composites, for packing and cushioning. This paper presents the...

Authors: Dan Jin, Jian Hua Wu, Yang Zhang

Abstract: A series of low-cycle fatigue experiments of axial-torsional loading of variable amplitudes were performed on the tubular specimens of 304...

Authors: Bo Zhou, Zhen Qing Wang, Sung Ho Yoon, Guang Ping Zou

Abstract: A shape memory alloy (SMA) torsion actuator is designed by using SMA wires and a thin-walled tube. A mechanical model, which predicts the...

Authors: You Tang Li, Zhi Yuan Rui, Chang Feng Yan

Abstract: The stress singularity eigen-equation for V-notch in a bi-material plate is obtained. A new definition of dynamic stress intensity factor...

Authors: Wen Ping Wu, Ya Fang Guo, Yue Sheng Wang

Abstract: A quantitative life prediction method has been proposed to evaluate fatigue life during morphological evolution of precipitates in Ni-based...

Authors: Min You, Zhi Li, Xiao Ling Zheng, Zhan Mou Yan

Abstract: The elastic finite element analysis (FEA) and the experimental method of testing the cleavage strength of the joint were used to...

Authors: Jorge A. Avila, Eduardo Martínez

Abstract: Based on a ductile frames 15 level building, a non-linear analysis with increased monotonically lateral loads (Push-Over) was made in order...


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