Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VII

Volumes 385-387

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alfonso Grimaldi, Alessandro Soprano, Francesco Caputo

Abstract: In the recent years the road accident analysis has been one of the main fields of research for automotive engineering, because of the heavy...

Authors: Bai Tao Sun, Pei Lei Yan, Zai Lin Yang

Abstract: Based on Green’s function, complex function and multi-polar coordinate system, the far field solution of SH wave scattered by an elastic...

Authors: T. Iwamoto, Norio Kawagoishi, Nu Yan, Eiji Kondo, Kazuhiro Morino

Abstract: Rotating bending fatigue tests were carried out to investigate the effects of temperature on the fatigue strength and the fracture...

Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Bin Wang, Lei Li, Liang Zhang, Pi Ji Hou

Abstract: The cumulative damage of the reinforced concrete (RC) crane girders occurred by overload, fatigue and other reasons in service may...

Authors: Hirofumi Kawahara, Shinpei Yoshimura, Naoaki Noda

Abstract: Usually, development of automobile brake hose and power steering hose has been realized through evaluating several actual prototype hoses...

Authors: Zheng Mao Yang, Shashi Bhushan Kumar, Jens P. Tronskar

Abstract: In this paper, FFS assessment procedure for the buckle damaged pipeline with cracks in the girth welds is presented. For FFS assessment the...

Authors: Zheng Yi Ren, Chong Li, Qing Fen Li

Abstract: Fracture behavior and the microstructure of Ti3AlC2 ceramics prepared by SHS/PHIP method were studied. Stress-strain curves at different...

Authors: In Seok Yoon

Abstract: The ingress of chloride ions plays a crucial role for service life design of reinforced concrete structures. In view of durability design...

Authors: Yu Mochizuki, Masaki Nakajima, Toshihiro Shimizu

Abstract: High cycle fatigue properties and failure mode in high strength steel tempered at low temperature were studied. The material used was...

Authors: Shi Fan Zhu, Qing Fen Li, Zhi Hong Yu

Abstract: An expert system (ES) prototype in structural component design based on fracture mechanics analysis was developed recently. The system...


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