Advances in Abrasive Technology XI

Volumes 389-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yoshio Ichida, Ryunosuke Sato, Masakazu Fujimoto, Nabil Ben Fredj

Abstract: This paper presents a fractal analysis of the self-sharpening phenomenon of the grain cutting edges in cBN grinding. To clarify the...

Authors: Taisei Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee

Abstract: In contact areas between grinding wheels and workpieces, elastic deformations of grinding wheel take place due to the act of grinding...

Authors: Hiroshi Nojiri, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa, Tsuyoshi Otsuka

Abstract: Recently, a new drilling technology has been attracting attention using a super-high-speed spindle and micro diameter drills (less than 0.2...

Authors: Takeshi Tanaka

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to fabricate a wheel using fullerenes with nano-scaled particles, and to investigate the polishing performance...

Authors: Tian Biao Yu, Ya Dong Gong, Hu Li, Jian Yu Yang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: Ultrahigh speed grinding is a kind of high efficient metal cutting method. In order to improve ability of ultrahigh greed grinding wheel...

Authors: Tsunehisa Suzuki, Toshiaki Mitsui, Tomoki Fujino, Mutsuto Kato, Yasufumi Satake, Hiroshi Saito, Seiya Kobayashi

Abstract: Single crystalline diamond grains covered by nested carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were constructed using self-assembly techniques. The...

Authors: Haruhisa Sakamoto, Shogo Nabata, Shinji Shimizu

Abstract: In order to enable the recycling of FRP waste, the pulverization method is proposed based on surface grinding process. In the experiments,...

Authors: Takashi Harada

Abstract: A robust measurement method for vertex position of a small polyhedron using 3D image procession is proposed. Shape from focus method is...

Authors: Xun Chen, James Griffin

Abstract: This paper looks at the multiple characteristics and investigations of two grinding anomalies: grinding burn and grinding chatter. A...

Authors: Nobuhito Yoshihara, Ji Wang Yan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

Abstract: The use of aspherical optical parts has become common as optical instruments are becoming smaller with and are achieving higher resolution....


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