Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Liu, Shi Ying Wang, Gang Ya

Abstract: In the process of the ultrasonic machining, the machining efficiency is affected directly by material removal rate. In the paper, the...

Authors: J.G. Zhang, X.G. Wu, C. Zhang, C.J. Zhang

Abstract: By the help of professional CPLD software/hardware development tools like PLD carrier and MAXPLUS, this paper successfully put forward the...

Authors: M.Z. Wang, J. Zhang

Abstract: Discussed examination and approval flow technology of CAPP system. It can improve capability of the Concurrent Process Planning System...

Authors: Yu Hua Zhang, Guang Yu Tan, Guang Jun Liu

Abstract: During the process of interrupted cutting, milling insert suffers from periodic thermal shock. The bad temperature field caused by cutting...

Authors: Sheng Wen Zhang, Chan Yuan Gong, Xi Feng Fang, C.S. Zhu, W. Jia

Abstract: Some key techniques such as material constitutive model, friction characteristics at tool-chip interface were discussed. And the...

Authors: Q.G. Zeng, S.J. Song, C.F. Qiao, J.F. Zhang

Abstract: Contour extracting plays an important role in image processing and computer vision, and it’s one of the most important components in low...

Authors: Yi Zhi Liu, Xian Li Liu, P. Wang, Yi Wen Wang, Liang Zhu, Lan Wang

Abstract: This paper used digital image technology to detect surface defects of steel ball, and designed mechanism body and the corresponding control...

Authors: Yan Ming Quan, Jing Zhao, Y.S. Le

Abstract: Cutting temperature measurement and its variety tendency can reflect cutting tool performance and machined surface quality directly. By...

Authors: Yan Bing Liu, J. Chen, X.W. Tong

Abstract: Using the advantages of integration technique based on Web Services, a CAx/PDM integration framework was constructed to realize the...

Authors: Yi Nan Lai, Sheng Le Ren, Y.T. Yu

Abstract: Quality control is very important in the manufacturing process of cold tube-bending, but most of enterprises can only verify tube quality...


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