Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Jiang, Min Li Zheng, Fang Xu

Abstract: Based on analyses of cutting heat and temperature in high speed milling, to construct a model of critical cutting speed for high speed...

Authors: Tan Cheng Xie, Q. Zhao, X. Nan

Abstract: Assembly process planning automobile production line is the bridge between the design and large-scale production. It is extremely...

Authors: W.R. Jiang, Ze Sheng Lu

Abstract: A microactuator with long-travel and high-resolution based on the principle of tribology is presented, which stroke is up to 300mm and...

Authors: L.H. Zou, D.M. Gou, C.L. Sun, H. Gao

Abstract: Process modeling of Cooperative Product Development (CPD) is the key of CPD process management. Analyzing the process of developing...

Authors: P. Wang, Y.L. Zhao, Xian Li Liu, Yi Wen Wang

Abstract: It has been necessary to adopting automatic detection of steel ball based on machine vision in industrial processing. The detecting...

Authors: Xi Feng Fang, Sheng Wen Zhang, Chan Yuan Gong, T.X. Lan

Abstract: In the manufacturing of diesel engine, cutting machining is the main processing method. In order to improve efficiency and increase benefit...

Authors: Li Yan, J. Liu, Wei Jie Qiao

Abstract: The balance of brake dish is very important for a car driving. Taking one kind of auto-equilibrium-machine of brake dish as research...

Authors: Jun Peng Shao, Jin Cheng Li

Abstract: The metric pump is widely used in the chemical industry and other industries which need fluid translation. It has the ability of accurate...

Authors: Ming Lian, Hong Ya Fu

Abstract: A micro-drive device was developed to drive reflective lens frame in Inertial Confinement Fusion. The transmission consists of ball screw,...

Authors: Y.B. Bi, Hui Yue Dong, Qun Lin Cheng, Ying Lin Ke

Abstract: A physics-based material processing simulation is approached to reveal the distortion law of aerospace monolithic components due to...


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