Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zhi Gu, Y. Gao, Q. Zhang

Abstract: With the features of rapid response, premium quality, low cost, flexibility, technology of digital design and manufacturing is becoming the...

Authors: G.H. Li, Y.L. Su, Guang Jun Liu, Guang Yu Tan, Yi Ming Rong

Abstract: Lots of cutting heat is generated in milling process, and an unsteady temperature distribution is generated, which is the radical reason of...

Authors: J.G. Zhang, H.J. Li, X.G. Wu, W. Peng

Abstract: In the face of the development trends of NC machine’s networking, this paper presents a new method of transferring NC program based on net...

Authors: Y. Kou, Jian Jun Yang

Abstract: In the process of lot size optimization, various factors such as machine capability and parts assembly lead time need to be considered....

Authors: Yan Lou, H.W. He, Y.M. Lu, C. Huang

Abstract: Aimed at the individual virtual intelligent vehicles, the individual vision behavior and decision-making behavior of virtual intelligent...

Authors: Hui Xia Liu, H. Yan, Xiao Wang, Shu Bin Lu, K. Yang, Lan Cai

Abstract: Two 3-D finite element models of coated tool and uncoated tool were established using the finite element code DEFORM-2D based on the...

Authors: Bingbing Yan, Fu Jun Ren, Y.C. Jiang

Abstract: Virtual prototyping technology as a key technology for agile manufacturing can deal with multidisciplinary knowledge across different...

Authors: G.Q. Shang, C.H. Sun, X.F. Chen, J.H. Du

Abstract: Fused deposition modeling (FDM) has been widely applied in complex parts manufacturing and rapid tooling and so on. The precision of...

Authors: Qing Xi Hu, Chen Xia Song, Yuan Yao, Fei You, Qi Lu

Abstract: Rapid prototyping (RP) was an advanced manufacturing technology which satisfied the individuation products. With the development of RP...

Authors: Ya Ping Wang, Jiang Hua Ge, Jun Peng Shao, S.T. Han, Zhi Qiang Li

Abstract: Aim at an existent problems of manufacturing enterprise data exchange between design and manufacturing software, this paper puts forward...


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