Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Xi Shao, Hong Ya Fu, De Cai Li

Abstract: When using meshing creating method of FP (fiber placement) track, once the track point falls at some vertex point of mesh element, in the...

Authors: Xu Dong Pan, Guang Lin Wang, Ze Sheng Lu, S. Zou

Abstract: Process Measurement is a measuring method which is accompanied with process of the manufacture of work piece. This paper puts forward a new...

Authors: Z. Cao, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: In this paper, a measurement system of temperature field in laser molten pool by CCD based on DSP is presented. The paper also presents the...

Authors: Xiu Lin Sui, Jia Tai Zhang, Jiang Hua Ge, Ya Ping Wang, H. Yuan

Abstract: A parameter equation based on cutting edge of ball-end mill is set up by analyzing the parameters of ball-end mill influence the milling...

Authors: L.M. Wu, Wan Bin Hu, Nan Hui Lai, G.T. Wang

Abstract: The hardware and software design method of reconfigurable embedded NC system which makes use of FPGA’s abundant logic resources and...

Authors: Da Peng Cui, Ying Xue Yao, Dong Li Qin

Abstract: It is an important performance for gyroscopes to read out the angle information of the gyroscope rotor accurately. There are few methods...

Authors: Bo Zhao, Bao Yu Du, W.D. Liu

Abstract: In order to research the relationship between grinding wheel wear and the signal of grinding strength and grinding vibration, the grinding...

Authors: W.J. Bai, Ying Lin Ke, H.B. Wu, Hui Yue Dong

Abstract: A semi-artificial thermocouple device is developed to explore the dynamic cutting temperature variation rules in high-speed milling of...

Authors: X.M. Feng, Guang Yu Tan

Abstract: One main method of chip breaking is to use the grooves which can make chips be broken. 3D complex grooves meet the requirements of...

Authors: Shi Ju E, X.M. Li, Xi Lin Zhu

Abstract: According to the processed materials, characteristics of their shapes, process precision and other conditions, a fuzzy neural network (FNN)...


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