Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B.W. Sun, L.T. Jiang, H. Pan, H. Zhu

Abstract: The traditional geometric modeling is generally described by means of Euclidean geometry, and objects for the geometric modeling are...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: Modern industries use many types of robots. The biped or quadped robots are the most common robots in the robot category. However, in terms...

Authors: Yi Xiang Liu, Xiang Yang Jin

Abstract: The problems of slow convergence speed and being prone to converge to minimum were solved by combining the characteristics of chaos...

Authors: Suo Xia Hou, Xiao Ming Jia, C. Wu

Abstract: This paper presents that the high-speed steel tools with solid lubrication material coating can cut without fluid because it has the...

Authors: Hun Guo, Guo Xing Tang, Dun Wen Zuo, T.J. Liu, W.D. Jin

Abstract: Design reuse is the application of past designs knowledge and successful experience to current design process and it is a significant...

Authors: Xi Lin Zhu, Shi Ju E, Chun Fu Gao

Abstract: The transient characteristic of single-sided linear induction motor (LIM) was simulated and computed using the electromagnetic field finite...

Authors: Ying Huai Dong, Zhen Long Wang, Yu Cai Zhao

Abstract: The dimension of micro turbine engine is usually only few millimeters, so the centrifugal structure is usually adopt. It must be designed...

Authors: Min Li Zheng, Bin Jiang, W. Zhang, J. Liu

Abstract: Based on dynamic loads analysis for high speed milling, to investigate vibration and failure of high speed milling cutter with indexable...

Authors: Hong Yan Ruan, Hui Xia Liu, S.Y. Ding, K. Yang, Xiao Wang, Lan Cai

Abstract: Based on premixed high pressure water jet cutting, five kinds of nozzle models were established, and the control equations and closed...

Authors: F.X. Li, Guang Lin Wang, Hui Feng Wang, Zong Quan Deng, Y.H. Sun, H.Y. Xue

Abstract: This paper puts forward the concept of “disposable machine”, analyzes the characters of the disposable machine and introduces the design...


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