Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Zhao, Y.Y. Yao

Abstract: In CIMS for feeding back the process quality problems to relevant department in time, finding out the corrective actions rapidly, taking...

Authors: X.L. Yu, C.S. Meng, L.P. Liu, G.L. Cao

Abstract: Based on the analyzing the fact of slewing bearing production, the primary need for software of the corporation is determined. On this...

Authors: S.C. Zhang, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Since Zhengzhou was affirmed for state key city of MIE and demonstration city of Henan MIE in 2002, ERP and ERP’s element technologies have...

Authors: Hua Guo, L. Bai, J. Liu, Y. Shi

Abstract: This paper adopted the photoelectric micro measurement system based on CCD which was independently developed by Laboratory of Process...

Authors: Ze Sheng Lu, Bing Hui Ma

Abstract: Motorized spindle is high speed machining unit combined with hidden motor and machine tools axis, which has advantages of high speed,...

Authors: Xi Chen Yang, N. Yang, Z. Dong

Abstract: Laser direct manufacturing and re-fabricating have been used in many important fields in recent years. However, simulation and measurement...

Authors: Y.L. Fu, H.T. Di

Abstract: Curvature fiber optic sensors are a kind of novel low cost sensors that can detect curvature directly and distinguish the positive bending...

Authors: Qing Xi Hu, X.J. Luo, Fei You, Qi Lu

Abstract: A modular design idea oriented to client customization is proposed to achieve product diversification and personalization. The Key...

Authors: Li Zhi Gu, Qi Yong Fan, Y. Gao

Abstract: Intensive processing for meat requires security, reliability, and efficiency, dreadfully demanding the automation of the process. A newly...

Authors: Wen Lei Sun, X. Wang, J.Z. Hai

Abstract: Regulating diameter-variable moment pumping unit as the research object. which been analysed by virtual prototyping technology, by this...


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