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Authors: Li Ping Zhao, Y.Y. Yao
Abstract: In CIMS for feeding back the process quality problems to relevant department in time, finding out the corrective actions rapidly, taking process quality tracing-back and quality improvement as cores, connecting workflow technology with real demands of quality tracing-back and evaluating, on the basis of deeply analysis of process quality , a web-based workflow model for tracing-back and close loop is established. Collaborative tracing-back and workflow control engine are analyzed. Based on process quality abnormity analysis, the implementation method with collaborative evaluation of fuzzy outranking for quality collaborative tracing-back is developed, which can help quality control engineer finding out the cause of problem and responsibility department in time. The application of above method in a quality improvement process is represented
Authors: X.L. Yu, C.S. Meng, L.P. Liu, G.L. Cao
Abstract: Based on the analyzing the fact of slewing bearing production, the primary need for software of the corporation is determined. On this condition, it has discussed the main designs, which include the framework of software, key categories, and design of method and so on. Some examples are given. Through using this software, we can not only reduce the workload of design of nonstandard slewing bearing which is repeating and heavy, but also avoid misplay of the designer. This software also provides the precondition for Computer-Aided Process Planning (CAPP). Through the using of the software, we can increase the rate of eligible product, reduce the cost of production and fulfill time limit for client better.
Authors: S.C. Zhang, Jun Zhang
Abstract: Since Zhengzhou was affirmed for state key city of MIE and demonstration city of Henan MIE in 2002, ERP and ERP’s element technologies have been demonstrated the application, and the demonstration system having the dint of arouse and radiates has been built, which its layout was reasonable and the structural layer was clear. In demonstration enterprises, the development period of new products was shortened from 153 days to 102 days. Contribution rate of MIE in the new product was raised from 37.4% to 51.3%. The occupancy of stock funds was decreased from 40% to 27%. On this foundation, aiming at the midium and small enterprises, four sharing MIE platform were set up. At the same time, the element technologies of informatization personalization were applied. So, the coordinate development mode of medium and small enterprises MIE was put forward. The preliminary result showed that this strategy could solve the bottleneck problem of medium and small enterprises MIE and it could become the basis of the enterprise cluster MIE constrution.
Authors: Hua Guo, L. Bai, J. Liu, Y. Shi
Abstract: This paper adopted the photoelectric micro measurement system based on CCD which was independently developed by Laboratory of Process Automatic and Detection Harbin Institute of Technology to detect dimension of the small precise parts. Under the various focusing status, it was discovered that articulation of focusing has huge effect on the measurement of measurand. According to the characteristics of measurand, we adopted the entropy function as the evaluation function of automatic focusing, developed a special software to process entropy value of the picked images, and obtained the relationship of focusing evaluation function and measurement error through a large number of experiments. The experimental result effectively verified the effect of articulation of focusing on dimension measurement.
Authors: Ze Sheng Lu, Bing Hui Ma
Abstract: Motorized spindle is high speed machining unit combined with hidden motor and machine tools axis, which has advantages of high speed, stepless transmission, zero transmission chain, and is applied in machine center widely. Key technologies are combined together in motorized spindle designing, such as high speed motor, bearing, manufacturing and assemblage. It is strict in assembling to guarantee rotating precision and dynamic balance and is different from common machine tools designing due to characters of high speed and hidden motor. Hydrostatic bearings have advantages of high carrying capacity, lower friction, and better holding precision, the heat problem is extrusive, but the future of hydrostatic motorized spindle is considerable. Modal and thermal performance analyses are necessary for motorized spindle designing. With modal analysis, inherent frequencies are confirmed, which could be of help to avoid sympathetic vibration in machining. It provides evidence for designing cooling system of thermal performance analysis.
Authors: Xi Chen Yang, N. Yang, Z. Dong
Abstract: Laser direct manufacturing and re-fabricating have been used in many important fields in recent years. However, simulation and measurement of velocity fields in carrying gas and powder particles are still a challenge. In this paper finite difference method has been selected to simulate the velocity fields of powder/gas fluid. A novel DPIV system has been developed to measure the velocity fields. The DPIV system mainly consists of Nd+:YAG laser and CCD camera. Comparing the result of DPIV measuring with computer simulating, a good agreement can be obtained. After further developing, DPIV will become a useful device for laser manufacturing.
Authors: Y.L. Fu, H.T. Di
Abstract: Curvature fiber optic sensors are a kind of novel low cost sensors that can detect curvature directly and distinguish the positive bending and negative bending. This kind of sensor is used to detect torsion deformation of shaft in this paper. The optimal direction of curvature fiber optic sensor was analyzed in osculating plane and rectification plane and maximal sensitivity was gained. The results show that sensor response to the torsion angle is linear approximately. Torsion angle, curvature and bending direction of shaft were measured simultaneously by using curvature fiber optic sensors.
Authors: Qing Xi Hu, X.J. Luo, Fei You, Qi Lu
Abstract: A modular design idea oriented to client customization is proposed to achieve product diversification and personalization. The Key technology of customized design is studied to meet the market's requirement of short cycle, high quality and low cost in product design and manufacturing. In the detailed design stage, the method of Top Basic Skeleton (TBS) is applied, which improves the rapid response ability of product design and shortens the product development cycle. On this base, a rapid design method of customized vacuum casting machine is illuminated. In the dynamic and changing market environment, the rapid design method plays an important role in improving the competitive power of enterprise.
Authors: Li Zhi Gu, Qi Yong Fan, Y. Gao
Abstract: Intensive processing for meat requires security, reliability, and efficiency, dreadfully demanding the automation of the process. A newly mold system was optimum-designed with three revolving positions for automated sticking in the material feeding, compression, and productknockout. The ratio of compression was taken with values in the range of 15-25% for the perfect shape and stringing rate. Surfaces of the mold were designed with mathematical planning of SUMT penalty function, and referent parameter values were obtained. Final decision was chosen from the nine designs, reaching the requirements that the contours of the mold on the section was so designed that it gained a closed figure approaching a circle, with the ratio of long and short axels being about unit. The curves were simple and few, and faired. Virtual and physical experiments have shown that the mold design is of feasibility, and with the current study the difficult problems have been solved of productivity, stringing rate, and automation of the meat strings, setting up the technical basis for the transformation of the production patterns from the conventional labor-concentration to the modern technique-concentration in intensive meat processing industry.
Authors: Wen Lei Sun, X. Wang, J.Z. Hai
Abstract: Regulating diameter-variable moment pumping unit as the research object. which been analysed by virtual prototyping technology, by this way, the application ways and realization means of virtual prototyping technology is explored in this field.The virtual prototyping technology is introduced into the dynamic characteristics analysis and optimization for pumping units, and the 3D CAD software, multibody system dynamics analysis software and finite element analysis software were combined. The digital physical prototype for pumping units is established by UG software; ADAMS was Used to establish the function virtual prototype and virtual test system, to develop the test analysis and optimize its structure parameters according to the movement requirements for pumping units; The finite element analysis of the pumping unit parts is processed in the ANSYS environment, and structural design is optimized in accordance with the stress distribution characteristics of pumping components. In this paper, CAD and CAE technology are used with close combination, the pumping units dynamics analysis and simulation is developed from the systemic perspective. The research has the characteristics of high precision analysis, wide range of applications and good practical value.

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