Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Wei Wang, Li Wen Zhang

Abstract: The vacuum hot bulge forming has been used in aerospace industry to manufacture cylindrical workpiece with improved mechanical properties...

Authors: Jia Feng Wu, Dong Gao, Ying Xue Yao

Abstract: A position-finding method for machining huge workpiece is presented in this paper, and the principle of intelligent position-finding...

Authors: W.Y. Shi, Y.S. Chen

Abstract: The technique core of the 3-D outline tracking intelligence control, which adopted in measure automobile outline parameters, lies in the...

Authors: D.N. Su, Kang Min Zhong, X.L. Dai

Abstract: The fluid-driven clamping devices extensively used in the manufacturing industry nowadays are unable to adapt to the development...

Authors: Y.H. Xiao, Bin Liu, Qing Hui Liu

Abstract: Mine-used tri-ring chains have been bent by hand in some machine-mining enterprises. However, this type of process is old-fashioned. The...

Authors: M. Hu, M. Chen

Abstract: The parameters of impellers and the pump housing as key assembly to differential velocity vane pump of eccentric-noncircular gears has been...

Authors: Jian Xin Qiu, X.W. Wang, Yong Sheng Tang

Abstract: This paper studied the way to work out distributed collaborative design involving product life-cycle management. It constructed the...

Authors: Man Dong Zhang, Ming Lv, H.L. Chen

Abstract: In the paper, polishing free-form surfaces of die are studied with magnetic abrasive finishing. The principle of magnetic abrasive...

Authors: Yi Nan Lai, Sheng Le Ren, G. Y. Zhang, Gang Feng Liu

Abstract: A FEM-numerical simulation system is developed to simulate the process of rotary draw bending of tube. The emphasis is to discuss some...

Authors: B. Ren, Tan Cheng Xie, X. Nan

Abstract: The paper analyses the problem of beer bottles detection techniques on the beer bottles production line, uses digital image processing...


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