Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Qiang Zhang, Shao Bo Chen, Zhi Dan Zheng

Abstract: The different uses of NC grinding machine with ganged revolving spindle and the requirements to NC grinding machine for several special...

Authors: Qiang Liu, Ying Xue Yao, L. Zhou

Abstract: Nanoindentation device has the ability to make the load-displacement measurement with sub-nanometer indentation depth sensitivity, and the...

Authors: R. Yan, F.Y. Peng, J.Z. Yang, Bin Lin

Abstract: In order to achieve higher product quality for sculptured surface productions, an advanced strategy are proposed for machining planning,...

Authors: Bo You, Dong Jie Li, Jiang Yan Qiu

Abstract: Man-machine cooperative teleoperation and multi-control modes transfer in due time are the key problems that the telerobot system must deal...

Authors: L.T. Wang, F. Zhang, W.M. Qian, Y.Y. Ji, Y. Li

Abstract: According to the structure features of turbine blade, the analysis of the grinding motion has been done and, based on the restriction...

Authors: Chun Xiang Dai, M.L. Fang, Q.X. Hu

Abstract: Based on definitions of tissue engineering scaffold with defect bone, the constructing method for its exterior features was presented....

Authors: Bang Yan Ye, Jian Ping Liu, Yong Tang, Rui Tao Peng, Xue Zhi Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the relationship of heating current in Electric Hot Machining with tool life, cutting parameters and machined...

Authors: Sheng Xue Qin, Guo Qun Zhao, Yue Mu, Xing Ming Xu

Abstract: The mathematic model for polymer extrusion has been established by using the penalty finite element method, and the analysis program has...

Authors: Bao Yu Du, Bo Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the mathematical model with two associated coordinates is established for two-dimension ultrasonic vibration group system by...

Authors: Jiang Han, Wen Ming Dai, L. Xia, Bao Tang

Abstract: For carrying out real significant open with regardless of operation system platforms, the open CNC system based on quantum framework was...


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