Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Cao, Z.W. Li, Z.X. Meng

Abstract: According to BVXK20A NC machine servo system, a fuzzy controller is designed to achieve a faster response speed and better stability...

Authors: Bi Hong Lu, H.P. Zheng

Abstract: As a new for heavy-railway vehicle connecting device, drawbar can eliminate connective gap and improve dynamic performance of the train...

Authors: Dong Xiang Shao, T.Z. Cui, Guang Lin Wang, Xu Dong Pan, L.F. Xing

Abstract: This paper introduces an automatic measurement technology of electro-hydraulic servo valve nozzle volume. Since there are several...

Authors: B.S. Yun, J.W. Yan, M. Liu

Abstract: Web service composition is a complex and error-prone process. To guarantee its correctness, CCS is exploited as a formal tool to model Web...

Authors: Yu Hong Dong, Zong Quan Deng, Hai Bo Gao

Abstract: In order to implement basic motion functions of lunar rover over uneven terrain, wheel kinematics of a novel lunar rover with each wheel...

Authors: Chun Fu Gao, Xi Lin Zhu, Q.Y. Hu

Abstract: Based on the theory of Wavelet decomposing algorithm, in this paper an algorithm of redundancy real-time denoising is presented, and the...

Authors: Ji Tang Zhang, C.L. Ning

Abstract: In order to resolve the problem of being unable to test the ring welding line of middling and small modulus gear by handwork ultrasonic...

Authors: Guang Jun Chen, X.L. Liu, Y. Wang

Abstract: The sawtooth chip from hard cutting can influence on the precision of the form and dimension, the machined surface integrity and the tool...

Authors: H.Y. Shen, Jian Zhong Fu, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: The proposed Axis-based Look-ahead NURBS Interpolator (ALANI) strictly confines the component acceleration and jerk at each axis during...

Authors: Hong Shi, W. Xu, F.X. Huang

Abstract: Hybrid machine tool is studied in this paper and its interpolating algorithm strategy is analyzed including line and arc rough and fine...


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