Manufacturing Automation Technology

Volumes 392-394

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: The subject study uses ceramic materials as a circular burnishing-tool connected with a ring-form electrode to construct a compound...

Authors: Li Qiang Zhang, Yu Han Wang, Ming Chen

Abstract: In free-form surface machining, it is essential to optimize the feedrate in order to improve the machining efficiency. Conservative...

Authors: W. Yan, Hua Zhang, Zhi Gang Jiang, Xiao Luo

Abstract: Manufacturing process is an important aspect in the implementation of Green manufacturing, the comprehensive evaluation of manufacturing...

Authors: M.N. Wang, C. Chen

Abstract: The development of a novel amphibian walking robot prototype is proposed according to the need of duty under bad circumstance. It can be...

Authors: H. Peng, Jiang Ping Wang, Ze Fu Bao

Abstract: This paper depicts a boring and trepanning association (BTA) deep-hole drilling system with near-dry cutting technique. The cutting tests...

Authors: Hui Bin Qin, Shu Fang Wu, Z.L. Hou, Zong Yan Wang

Abstract: This paper analyzed the current process planning based on 3D feature model, and pointed out the exiting disadvantages. The framework and...

Authors: J. Liu, Guang Lin Wang, N. Xu

Abstract: Spool valve orifice flow characteristic of servo valve plays an important role in the spool valve overlap measurement and manufacturing...

Authors: Z. Dong, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: Theoretical models of temperature field are presented from Beer-Lambert law. This paper uses Beer-Lambert law to calculate powder flow on...

Authors: Yong Zhan, Chang Hua Qiu, Kai Xue

Abstract: This paper considers the practical manufacturing environment of the hybrid flow shop (HFS) with non-identical machines in parallel. In...

Authors: Li Zhi Gu, Yong Lin Li

Abstract: Box-like components are the component class with the complexity in structure and shape, and required premium quality on the machined...


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