Machining and Advanced Manufacturing Technology X

Volumes 431-432

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Qing Xu, Wei Xiao Tang, Shan Shan Sun

Abstract: High-speed milling (HSM) which is characterized as high productivity and low power consumption can be widely used in the manufacture...

Authors: Shan Shan Sun, Wei Xiao Tang, Xi Qing Xu

Abstract: Chatter problems occurring during high speed milling affect the quality of the finished workpiece and, to a lesser extent, the tool life and...

Authors: Lin Lin, Yong Jian Zhang, Lu Yin

Abstract: A knowledge management method for AP1000 nuclear is proposed. Based on the modularization characteristic of AP1000, the set of AP1000...

Authors: Qing Hua Song, Wei Xiao Tang, Xing Ai, Yi Wan

Abstract: Semi-discretization method is applied to construct stability chart and performance contour in the parametric space for milling processes....

Authors: Jian Hua Zhang, Pei Qi Ge, Lei Zhang, Yang Yu, Hui Li

Abstract: The grind-hardening technology utilizes the grinding heat to harden the surface of the workpiece. The friction and wear performance of the...

Authors: Le Cao, Shu Ge Li, Fei Liu

Abstract: Cell formation is one of the key issues in cellular manufacturing research. A two-stage cell formation method is proposed. With this...

Authors: Yong Tang, Dong Yuan, Long Sheng Lu, Da Xiang Deng, Min Qiang Pan

Abstract: Ploughing technology has been applied in manufacturing micro grooves on the outer surface of copper tube. In order to study the formation of...

Authors: Jin Xu

Abstract: The results of the experimental researches show that the high speed cutting tool is disabled in two modes of gradual wear and rapid breakage...

Authors: Rong Fa Chen, Zhao Xia Shen, Liang Gang Dai, Xian Liang Zhang, Rui Zhu, Dun Wen Zuo

Abstract: The optical-grade diamond film was prepared by DC plasma jet CVD method, and a double-sided polishing was made by EDM and mechanical...

Authors: J.H. Li, Wei Fu Fan, Zhong Mei Zhang

Abstract: This paper carries through pure shearing fine-blanking processing experiment with negative clearance for the AISI-1020、AISI-1045 steel and...


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