Machining and Advanced Manufacturing Technology X

Volumes 431-432

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Xu, Jian Jun Zhu, Xiao Jun Zang, Xin Wu

Abstract: At present, the lack of the optimal cutting parameters of high speed milling is the obstacle to its widely application. In this paper, the...

Authors: Hong Xiang Wang, Dun Wen Zuo, Wen Zhuang Lu, Feng Xu

Abstract: The magnitude and the uniformity of the substrate temperature are the most important factors that affect the quality and the growth rate of...

Authors: Ming Wang, Kang Min Zhong, Dun Wen Zuo, Min Wang

Abstract: The green fixture is the research focus, but the current research is centralized on the fixture driven by the air. It will lead to a noise...

Authors: Kai Wu, Ning He

Abstract: The existent studies on the machining technologies of the thin-webbed structure component were reviewed. Then the milling dynamics analysis...

Authors: Jing Yan, Jian Xie, J.P. Li, Dan Zhang, Dun Wen Zuo

Abstract: A kind of model oriented assembly process simulation in WTK environment has been proposed. In the model, firstly, the assembly hierarchy of...

Authors: Hao Chen, You Peng You, Jun He, Xue Feng Yang

Abstract: In motion systems driven by stepping motors, reference word interpolation is usually used with a constant period T, in which the existing...

Authors: Ping Mei Ming, Di Zhu, Yang Yang Hu, Yong Bin Zeng

Abstract: This paper investigated the impact of area effect in the batch mode micro-EDM on shape accuracy and surface morphology of the machined...

Authors: Min Qiang Pan, De Huai Zeng, Xiao Qing Liu, Yong Tang

Abstract: Based on the principle of spinning process of micro grooves inside the circular micro heat pipe, the effects of relative position of balls...

Authors: Guo Hua Qin, Dong Lu, Shi Ping Sun, Hai Chao Ye

Abstract: In order that the required manufacturing processes can be carried out, fixtures are developed to locate and hold a workpiece firmly in the...

Authors: Xiang Zhang, Zhen Yu Han, Ya Zhou Sun, Hong Ya Fu

Abstract: Currently machine tools and strategies researched in micro-milling field universally cannot be applied to 3D meso-scale parts machining...


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