Machining and Advanced Manufacturing Technology X

Volumes 431-432

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Yong Wang, Si Qin Pang, Qi Xun Yu

Abstract: Nickel-based superalloy is one kind of typical hard-processing materials, its cutting force is more complicated than other materials....

Authors: Jian Guang Li, Gao Wei Xie, Ping Jun Xia, Ying Xue Yao

Abstract: An improved algorithm, dynamic collision detection with optimum discrete interval is presented to improve the efficiency of dynamic...

Authors: Yao Nan Cheng, Zhen Jia Li, Jun Gao, Yong Gang Zhao

Abstract: Based on the experiments on milling the carbon structural 45 steel with the flat rake milling insert and the waved-edge milling insert, the...

Authors: Zhong Qiu Wang, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun, Feng Jiang, Jun Zhou

Abstract: In the present study, two-dimensional orthogonal slot milling experiments in conjunction with an analytical-based computer code are used to...

Authors: Wen Jin Wang, Tai Yong Wang, Sheng Bo Fan, Zhi Qiang Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, based on the octree partition, bounding boxes and triangulated surface model, we developed a new virtual material removal...

Authors: Yong Jian Zhang, Shi Sheng Zhong, Lin Lin

Abstract: The complex engineering project has properties of long time lasting, enormous data amount and wide range of interoperation. To support...

Authors: Shan Liang Xue, Qing Yan Wei, Guang Ming Jiao, Dun Wen Zuo

Abstract: Web-based Code Management System (WCMS) is an essential tool for realizing information exchange in distant collaborative product design and...

Authors: Zhi Ping Sun, Bao Luo Shen

Abstract: The present work studies the development of a 40Fe-60VC (vol-%) cermet by powder metallurgy techniques. The base powder was obtained by...

Authors: Zhao Xia He, Geng Liu, Lan Liu, Bing Han

Abstract: In order to implement collaborative work in enterprises, it is important to exchange and share data during product design process. According...

Authors: Bing Qiang Liu, Chuan Zhen Huang, Han Lian Liu, Xue Wen Chong

Abstract: While whisker toughening ceramic cutting tool composites have excellent mechanical properties at either room or high temperature, the...


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