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Authors: Rong Ming Zhang, Dong Hui Ma, Zhen Yu Zhang
Abstract:A kind of novel betaine type amphoteric surfactant was synthesized using tetradecylamine and pentaerythritol as the starting material. The...
Authors: Yan Feng Yang, Xue Jun Zhang, Hai Yan Li
Abstract:General purpose pitch-based carbon fiber (PCF) was pretreated with steam to develop pores on the surface of fiber. After immersed in cobalt...
Authors: Yu Lan Hao, Yan Zhao Cheng, Xue Wang
Abstract:In this paper,Palmitic acid-2-hydroxy-3-sulfonic sodium propyl ester was prepared with palmitic acid as main material by steps of...
Authors: Li Zhu, Jia Quan Chen
Abstract:A Detection system of Orange shape structure parameters Based on DSP, including its hardware part and software part was introduced. The...
Authors: Mei Li
Abstract:Corn fiber is a polymeric fiber made from corn as the raw material. Wide applications have been found for corn fibers in recent years and...
Authors: Hua Ding, Hai Ning Gao, Bin Zhao
Abstract:In order to find the influence of exercise on the free radical level and the anti- oxidized ability of female elite speed skaters before...
Authors: Zhu Bo Liu, Xiao Hong Jiang, Bing Zhou, M.A. Yarmolenko, D.L. Gorbachev, N.N. Fedosenko, A.V. Rogachev
Abstract:The organic-silicon films, polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) films and its composite films with copper have been fabricated from an active gas...
Authors: Feng Xia, Jian Ping Li, Gao Hong Li, Man Zhu, Yan Feng Liang
Abstract:In this paper, equilibrium phase diagram in Al-15Si-xCu system piston alloys was calculated using “Pandat” software. The influence of Cu...
Authors: Yong Xiang Zhao, Bing Yang, Guo Xiang Song
Abstract:Chemical composition and physical properties are measured and inspected for China railway grade B cast steel wheel. The wheel shows slight...
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