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Authors: Guo Xing Peng, Bei Li
Abstract:Improved learning algorithm for branch and bound for semi-supervised support vector machines is proposed, according to the greater difference...
Authors: Zhuo Chen, Zhi Xiong Huang, Ming Zhang, Min Xian Shi, Yan Qin, Qi Lin Mei
Abstract:This paper introduced a computer simulation model for composite materials which was reinforced by spherical particles. We introduced its...
Authors: Fang Qin Xu, Lei Jiang
Abstract:A stochastic Von Neumann model to describe companies’ input-output process on mobile services is provided. Through the theories from...
Authors: Hua Jiang, Jing Wen
Abstract:According to the features of HVS, the algorithm uses region-split method to segment the remote sensing image into a large number of small...
Authors: Xu Dong Song, En Zhen Hou, Feng Zhang, Liang Yu Shi
Abstract:Data Mining system has a large number of data processing tasks. This paper mainly studies on task scheduling problem which takes the minimum...
Authors: Xiao Bo Liu, Yong Xue Li
Abstract:Based on virtual prototyping technology, all mould vibration devices were framed in three-dimensional modeling, defining each components’...
Authors: Bin Meng, Jian Ruan, Sheng Li
Abstract:Since conventional electro-mechanical converter of 2D digital valve had limitations of large inertia and low dynamic response, a novel low...
Authors: Yong Dong Sun, Xin Zheng Li, He Lian Yang, Li Sun
Abstract:The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of seed priming techniques on germination characteristics of C. maxima Duch....
Authors: Chun Na Zhao, Yu Zhao, Ying Shun Li, Li Ming Luo, Yi Liu
Abstract:To overcome the shortcomings of the traditional passive-radar-seeker (PRS) for anti-decoy, a complex angle measuring method is proposed in...
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