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Authors: Xing Ping Wen, Xiao Feng Yang
Abstract: In recently years, Urban Heat island (UHI) is one of the hottest topics in urban climate. The present paper discusses heat islands at Guangzhou metropolis, the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China. TM/ETM+ imageries acquired in 1990, 2000, and 2002 are used to retrieval land surface temperature. Firstly, the ETM+/TM imageries are calibrated using parameter header file. Then, the radiance is transformed into brightness temperature and its standard normal distribution. Finally, building method of three dimension urban heat island perspective image is experimented. Comparing images of brightness temperature and its standard normal distribution, it concludes that the higher temperature areas increase year by year. This accordes with the annual average temperatures of Guangzhou increased year by year. The distributions of higher temperature areas concentrate at Yuexiu and Luogang in 1990. However, in 2000, the higher temperature large areas in Luogang are disappeared due to urban greening, and the higher temperature areas spread in other districts. As well as, in 2002, the higher temperature area distributions are dispersion and fragment, so the UHI intensity is mitigated to some degree. Three dimension urban heat island perspective image exhibits heat island distribution visually.
Authors: Mao Sheng Ye, Qin Xian Jin, Yu Tian Wang
Abstract: This presentation is intended to provide response managers and others with an understanding of national preparedness and response system that is in place to address emergencies involving industrial accidents, natural disasters, public health and social securities. This paper describes a list of important competencies that have been identified and used for effective disaster response and the management and response procedures of a typical incident in USA, taking 2008 flood in Illinois as an instance. Using the concept of National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS), Incident Management Teams (IMTs) were trained and established in Illinois. These organizations were deployed into various positions so as to assist the governmental organizations at different levels in planning, commanding, decision making, etc.
Authors: Ying Zhe Xiao, Ya Nan Huang
Abstract: This paper states not only the development course of quality management but also the actuality that the packaging & printing enterprise confronts. In addition, it explains the necessity of applying SPC. The first, it is discussed and studied the basic tool of SPC-control chart for statistical process. Based on this way, -R control chart is used to analyze and control the overprint precision. According to these control charts, the spot staffs can find the deficiencies in the quality control itself by finding the correlative process fluctuation and the slow variation in time. In addition, SPC provides objective bases for the quality management personnels to assess semi-products or products quality.
Authors: Xiao Feng Yang, Xing Ping Wen
Abstract: Change detection is one of the most important applications of remote sensing techniques due to its capability of repetitive acquisition imageries with consistent image quality, at short intervals, on a global scale, and during complete seasonal cycles. This paper uses two Landsat ETM+ imageries acquired in 2000 and 2002 respectively to detect change of Guangzhou in southern China during two years using post classification comparison method. Firstly, two remote sensing data are precision geometrically corrected to UTM projection with a root mean square error (RMSE) of 0.3 pixels, and then they are classfied using Maximum Likelihood method respectively. Images are classified into four classes which are water, forest, grass or crop and building,soil or unused land. Sencondly, two classified images are calculated by band geometric algorithm pixel by pixel using programming. The class value of pixel in different year is the same, and then the processed pixel is zero, whereas the processed pixel is assigned to a certain value which represents change from the one land cover type to another during two years. Finally, statistic analyses of change information during two years are computed and the post classification comparison change detection image is outputted. It concludes that the largest change areas are exchanges of building, soil or unused land with grass land, and land covers in Baiyun district are changed mostly from 2000 to 2002.
Authors: Qing Wu, Wei Wei Yu
Abstract: Smart Vehicle Space (SVS) is a new smart space adopting vehicles as environment carrier, with embedded abilities of computing, communication, and perception. This paper proposes a model of driver fatigue recognition based on Hidden Markov Model (HMM) for SVS. We selected the PERCLOS feature variables as low-level contexts for driver fatigue evaluation, and established the HMM through a large number of training sample data. Then we identified the most likely driver's hidden states (high-level contexts) from the observation sequence using the Viterbi algorithm, to remind drivers to ensure the safe driving behavior. Finally, a case study in the simulation environment is given, which confirmed that the application can identify the driver's body states with a high probability, as well as maintain the good recognition effect in case of several invalid variables in observation sequence.
Authors: Shan Lu, Jing Tang
Abstract: This paper, based on the current problems auto parts suppliers are facing and the development trend of auto industry, aims to build up an evaluating system for auto parts suppliers, which includes four indices, namely, service ability, enterprise competence, cooperative ability and ability of sustainable development, by considering comprehensively the high-tech trend of production technology, diversification of customers’ demands, changes in the cooperative relations between vehicle companies and auto parts suppliers as well as the development of information technology. The VIKOR method based on intuitionistic language multi-criteria is applied in this paper for evaluating auto parts suppliers, and the efficiency and practicability of the related evaluating principles and ways are also verified through empirical studies.
Authors: Shan Lu
Abstract: This paper, based on a comprehensive consideration of features of the selection of service outsourcing suppliers, proposes the criteria for evaluating suppliers of service outsourcing by combining the traditional evaluation index system, and the criteria are determined as technical capability, responsiveness, quality, value-adding ability and cultural cooperation. In this paper, method of multi-criteria decision making, based on intuitionistic language fuzzy entropy, is adopted to evaluate and select suppliers of service outsourcing, and the scientific and feasible nature of this decision-making process is then verified through empirical studies. It is necessary to further enrich and improve the index system and methods of supplier selection in the future according to features of companies from different industries and with different background.
Authors: Shan Lu
Abstract: On the basis of theoretical study and empirical investigation, taking the features of emergency logistic plans into comprehensive consideration and combining general plan evaluation index system, the evaluation index of the emergency logistic plan can be defined as time effectiveness, costs, security, feasibility and rationality. Since information about the criteria of the emergency logistics plan is incomplete, the method of multi-criteria decision making, based on the similarity of intuitionistic language with subjective and objective preference taking into consideration, is adopted to select and evaluate the emergency logistic plan. Through empirical investigation, the index system and evaluation methods are verified for their effectiveness and practicality.
Authors: Yang Jian Xu, Ling Ling Wang, Li Wen Dong
Abstract: The steady thermal stress problems under linear temperature load on upper surface in an Al1100/Ti-6Al-4V/SiC 2D-FGM plane four-side clamped plate are analyzed by the FEM. When the variation of the material composition in y-direction is linear, the plane thermal stress distributions with the changes of composition shape distribution coefficient mx and porosity coefficient Ax in x-direction are obtained. The results show that compressive stresses of the metal side reduce and the compressive stresses increase on the ceramic side with the increasing of the mx. Except for lower surface, when mx =0.5, the thermal stress values of the 2D-FGM plane plate are smaller than those of the 1D-FGM plate. Compared with the maximum thermal stress value of the 1D-FGM plate, that of the 2D-FGM plane plate reduces by 815MPa. The thermal stress curve surface has more and more obvious convex trend and has smaller thermal stress gradient with the increasing of the Ax, especially it is when =0.1~0.5, =0.2~0.5, and other places have no variation. By comparison with the minimum thermal stress of Ax=0.0, that of Ax=3.99 reduces by 47.3% at =0.3. The results provide more comprehensive and concrete foundation of calculation for design and optimization of the 2D-FGM plane plate.

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