Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guan Ci Yang, Shao Bo Li, Yong Zhong, Wei Jie Pan

Abstract: Genetic programming is an effective way to generate design candidates in an open-ended, but statistically structured, manner. A critical...

Authors: Li Long Zhu, Jian Xin You

Abstract: Based on the principal-agent theory, this paper constructs quality signaling game model in supply chain under the condition of asymmetric...

Authors: Salvatore Distefano

Abstract: Actually modern systems have to ensure higher and higher operating standards, thus including monitoring and control subsystems for their...

Authors: Chun Zheng Duan, Liang Chi Zhang, Hong Hua Li, Min Jie Wang

Abstract: A deep understanding of adiabatic shear fracture (ASF) during serrated chip formation is essential to explore the material removal mechanism...

Authors: Hao Bin Shi, Wen Jie Dong

Abstract: How to exercise reasonable motion control on robot becomes a new research focus in robot technology research. This paper proposes the...

Authors: Qun Li Wu

Abstract: In perspective of maximizing the economic growth rate, this article examines the optimal size of China’s fiscal expenditure with theoretical...

Authors: H. Xiao, Wen Ge Wu, W.T. Mei

Abstract: In micro-cutting process, a remarkable characteristic of micro-Cutting is that cutting parameters level closing to the crystal grain msize...

Authors: Long Shi Gao, Yuan Jun Lv

Abstract: Compressive performance of honeycomb paperboard with different number of paper-cores had been analyzed to meet the need of honeycomb...

Authors: Shi Gun Jing, Fa Ben Li, Xin Ma

Abstract: Using GIS(Geographic Information System), GPS(Global Positioning System), and GPRS(General Packet Radio Service), an digital mining control...

Authors: Yu Guo, Long Wu Huang, Dong Yu Li, Zhen Ping Wan

Abstract: Ribs with triangular cross section can be obtained by rolling process on copper tube surface. The ribs are the basis for machining 3D...


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