Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

Volumes 467-469

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Zhang, Guo Qiang Ren, Qin Zhang Wu

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates how to use SRIO interface in the real-time transport platform for high-resolution measure image. The...

Authors: Xin Yu Li, Dong Yi Chen

Abstract: Accurate tracking for Augmented Reality applications is a challenging task. Multi-sensors hybrid tracking generally provide more stable than...

Authors: Guo Rong Cao, Q.P. Tan, Hao Wu

Abstract: To support automated service composition, adaptation and verification, there should be a formal model for web service behavior description....

Authors: Yong Ming Wang, Fei Han, Jiang Tao Li

Abstract: Rapid, accurate and standardized budget estimate is the basis of project bidding, which involves a lot of data information verification and...

Authors: Shi Wei Gao, Wei Cao, Chuan Zhang, Dong Liang Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel application of ant colony system for edge extraction which the food definition is combined the idea of the...

Authors: Qing Wei Zeng, Jie Jiang

Abstract: With the rapid development of Internet, how to find useful information rapidly is becoming more and more important. General search engines...

Authors: Qi Yong Zeng, Tao Hong, Le Chen, Yun Xian Cui

Abstract: Temperature plays a vital role in the machining industry today. A Nickel-Chrome versus Nickel-Silicon thin-film thermocouple system has been...

Authors: Ming Hai Li, Feng Jiang

Abstract: Solenoid valve is the key component to determine the performance of electronic fuel injection system for the diesel engine. By theoretically...

Authors: Ming Hui Deng, Qing Shuang Zeng, Yan Jun Li

Abstract: In this paper, a robust image watermarking method with one-dimensional improved S transformation is proposed which is robust against...

Authors: Hong Tao Zhang, Ji Du He, Jin Ping Liu

Abstract: This paper introduces the structure and working principles of the automotive electronic throttle control system. After analyzing the...


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