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Authors: Min Hang Liu, Shu Ping Yuan
Abstract: This study analyses a series of problems on the volleyball team echelon construction of Shandong Province, through a great number of discrete data analysis, and put formula of Yt = Yt-1+[(Yt-1 —Yt-2)+(Yt-2 — Yt-3)+…+(Yt-n —Yt-(n+l))] / n into calculation, so as to get the following conclusions: 1. While the number of excellent volleyball teams decreased rapidly, meanwhile, the number of 2nd-line increased steadily year by year, which showed the trend of reverse growth to 1st-line; 2. The number of 3rd-line increased slowly, not significantly change, which fluctuated on a certain level; 3. The growing speed of the number of 3rd-line was lower than the number of 2nd-line. This study will play a positive influence and promote the sustainable development of volleyball through the study of analysing volleyball team echelon construction of Shandong Province.
Authors: Xu Min Liu, Xian Peng Yang, Yan Ling Wu
Abstract: Shape controlling is a popular topic in curves and surfaces design with free form. In this paper, a new curve, to be called Biquadratic TC-Bézier curves with shape parameter , is constructed in the space . We show that such curves share the same properties as the traditional Bézier curves in polynomial spaces. The shape of new curves, representing circle and ellipse accurately, can be adjusted by changing the value of the parameter . Then we give the G1 continuity conditions of Biquadratic TC-Bézier curves with shape parameter and its application in surfaces modeling.
Authors: Hai Feng Li, Xue Jun Xu, Xin Sha Fu
Abstract: With the fast development of the freeway construction in China and the increasing demand of the improvement of the landscape and safety in the highway system, the traditional method of the highway alignment design cannot meet the need mentioned above. A Three dimensional highway real-time visual system (3DHVS) is developed as a basic platform for the highway visual and physics simulate, which had many merit in the highway alignment, landscape and safety design by the means of fly-through, interactive and physics simulation with the virtual scene. By analyzing the disadvantage of the widely used design method, a performance and expansible architecture of 3DHVS is presented. Finally, we show the application of the system.
Authors: Hai Feng Li
Abstract: Existing Web service optimal combination approach is mainly focused on single tasks using “selfish” behavior to pursue optimal solutions. This causes conflicts because many concurrent tasks compete for limited optimal resources, reducing service quality in services. With the best reply function of quantified task conflicts and game theory as bases, this paper establishes a mathematical model depicting the competitive relationship between multitasks and Web service under QoS constraints, and guarantees that every task can obtain optimal utility services considering other task combination strategies. Moreover, an iterative algorithm which reaches the Nash equilibrium is also proposed, and all tasks attain utility optimization under conflicting environments. Experimental analyses show that the approach can considerably enhance the actual utility of all tasks compared with existing Web services combinatorial methods.
Authors: Xiao Xu Du, Bao Wei Song, Guang Pan
Abstract: The wave and ocean current can evidently effect the motion of the low-velocity UUV, when the UUV moving close to the sea surface. To simulate the effect, we built the motion model of the UUV and the effect model of the wave and ocean current to the UUV. The simulation results show preliminarily that the UUV which effected by the wave and the ocean current have steady completed the required hovering motion. The results also show that the effect of the wave and the ocean current was different at different direction angle of the ocean current.
Authors: Tang Qing Kuang, Kun Han
Abstract: A numerical simulation model for the flow behavior of fluids in thin cavity during water assisted injection molding process is built up by adopting general Newtonian fluid model for the filling stage and non-Newtonian and compressible fluid model for the packing stage separately. Finite element/finite difference/control volume methods are adopted for the simulation of melt front, pressure variation at injection location, water thickness fraction and bulk temperature about a plate with trapezoidal cross-section. The simulated melt front location and shape have good agreement with experimental result. In comparison with the simulation results of conventional injection molding, it turns out that water assisted injection molding can obtain parts with low pressure requirement, perfect surface quality and rapid cooling.
Authors: Dong Li Zhang, Wen Cheng Jiao
Abstract: Honeynet is a high-alternation honeypot. The architecture of honeynet has three kernel functions: data control, data capture and data analysis. Based on the analysis of technical characteristic of honeynet, we discuss about using honeynet to make network security recovery.
Authors: Zhi Tang, Yu Zhang
Abstract: Through the research of the visualization of the human-based three-dimensional shape domain, establish the three-dimensional spatial extent of human’s function space. And coordinate the difference of function space between individuals and groups. It is based on the morphological characteristics, physical features and psychological characteristics of human. Then achieve the match of the data of body and design parameters of products. Thus integrate ergonomics into the early process of design. And complete the change of the mode of space design from dimension driven to 3D human body model-driven. The research of human body’s domain will definite the way and standards of interaction space between men and machines. Thus the parameters of human body become precise, three-dimensional and instrumental. Solve the discord of relationship between people and objects, people and environment, performance and environment. To realize the expression of man’s functions in the product itself and the interaction with them.
Authors: Jian Guo, Li Zhou, Jie Zhu
Abstract: It researches the service efficient problem of logistics distribution center manual order picking, tour length and then. It builds picker route stochastic model under random storage S-type picking condition. It makes model approximation calculation with simulation result under order random arrival frequencies. It conducts well approximation between model and simulation results under the condition of permission error. It is the foundation for improving storage strategy. And it provides basic foundation for researching of picking time distribution function for manual order picking random service system.
Authors: Jie Zhu, Jian Guo, Li Zhou
Abstract: The key optimal goal of manual order picking system is shortest picker route, thereby best times. Picker route stochastic model under sorted storage S-type picking for logistics distribution center manual order picking is built. It makes model approximation calculation and simulation result under three order arrival frequencies and space ratio. It is stated that well approximation between model and simulation results under the condition of permission difference are obtained. The model lays the foundation for building stochastic service system model of distribution center manual order picking.

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