Composite Science and Technology

Volumes 471-472

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peter W.R. Beaumont

Abstract: The demands made on structural composite materials in modern design are increasingly stringent. Greater performance, lower costs, increased...

Authors: Hassan Azman, Muhammad Imran, Mat Uzir Wahit, Harintharavimal Balakrishnan

Abstract: An overview of the recent developments in PA6/PP blend nanocomposites is presented in this paper with an emphasis on their mechanical,...

Authors: Mansur Ahmed, Md. Saiful Islam, Qumrul Ahsan, Md Mainul Islam

Abstract: Natural fibres offer a number of benefits as reinforcement for synthetic polymers since they have high specific strength and stiffness, high...

Authors: R. Satheesh Raja, K. Manisekar, V. Manikandan

Abstract: Fibre reinforced polymer composites play an incredible role in almost all spheres of day to day life and the field of carbon composites is...

Authors: Taghi Tabarsa

Abstract: In this study feasibility of using of mixture of bagasse and industrial wood particles for producing single and three layer particleboard ....

Authors: Renuganth Varatharajoo, Faizal Mustapha, Dayang Laila Abang Abdul Majid, Rizal Zahari, Ralph Kahle

Abstract: A numerical investigation to optimize the carbon/epoxy multi layer composite rotor is performed for the spacecraft energy storage...

Authors: Siti Saniah Ab. Karim, Abu Bakar Sulong, Che Husna Azhari, Ng Min Hwei, Mohd Reusmaazran Yusof

Abstract: Electrospinning is direct process to produce polymer fibre with high specific surface area ratio. Apart from polymer fibre producing;...

Authors: Nor Suhaina Shahidan, Suhaimi Muhammed

Abstract: Agricultural waste such as sugarcane bagasse is abundant in Malaysia and at present is mainly used as combustible material for energy supply...

Authors: Faizah Muhamad Fauzi, Suhaimi Muhammed

Abstract: Shortage of solid wood supply as the main raw material for the wood-based industries is cute problem faced by the world wide wood industry....


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