Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Bo Ding

Abstract: The design of the grain supply chain network is one of the important and challenging problems in the field of agri-food supply chain. Almost...

Authors: Yan En Wang, Yao Chen, Xue Xing

Abstract: The author has designed a framework for building web sites using Microsoft’s .NET technology. The framework employs a design approach based...

Authors: Yan Liang Wang, Gui Tang Wang, Wen Juan Liu

Abstract: PLL is an important part of the RF front-end module,its performance is directly related to stability and accuracy of the RF base-band signal...

Authors: Ming Feng Zhu, Jian Qiang Du, Kang Zhang, Cheng Hua Ding

Abstract: The article analyzed the old tongue deviation analysis method and introduced a new tongue deviation analysis method with auto-correction...

Authors: Kun Zhang, Hai Feng Wang, Jian Feng Zhu, Zhuang Li

Abstract: With the continuous development of the Internet, it while brings each kind of beneficial information to the people , the hacker, viral as...

Authors: Kun Zhang, Hai Feng Wang, Yu Chun Ma, Zhuang Li

Abstract: Virtual Private Network (VPN) refers to rely on the ISP (Internet service providers) and other NSP (Network service provider), in the public...

Authors: Xin Gao

Abstract: The dynamics of fractional-order systems have attracted increasing attention in recent years. In this paper, we study the chaotic behaviors...

Authors: Li Qian, Guo Ping Xu, Ning Yang

Abstract: Empirical mode decomposition (EMD), a new self-adaptive signal processing method, has been recently developed for nonlinear and...

Authors: Wei Hua Guan, Li Fu Li, Yong Man Lin

Abstract: Dynamic ice storage system has advantages of energy-saving by using electricity price difference of the different period. Food in display...

Authors: Jie Hui Zou, Ju Gen Nie

Abstract: In this paper, it aiming at the functional features of containerization canning safety valves adopts the method of design of experiments...


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