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Authors: Xin Gao
Abstract: In this paper, we numerically investigate the chaotic behaviors of a fractional-order system. We find that chaotic behaviors exist in the fractional-order system with an order being less than 3. The lowest order we find to have chaos is 2.4 in such system. In addition, we numerically simulate the continuances of the chaotic behaviors in the fractional-order system with orders ranging from 2.7 to 3. Finally, a simple, but effective, linear state feedback controller is proposed for controlling the fractional-order chaotic system based on an inverse optimal control approach. Numerical simulations show the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed controller.
Authors: Yan Qing Zhang
Abstract: Along with the economy development and the living standards enhancement unceasingly, the inflation also accompanies naturally lives. Generally speaking the temperate inflation has not the enormous influence to people's life and the national economy, but the serious inflation's occurrence can affect a country exchange rate level, disrupt the import and export order and financial order, simultaneously, will affect the people revenues and the living standard, will cause the national competitive power to drop. In view of this problem, it is necessary to construct the model to forecast the year in the future that will occur the serious inflation. This paper construct the predict model base on the grey fuzzy theory, the experimental simulation is shown that the results is accuracy and reliable.
Authors: Xiao Min Yu, Xiao Kun Yu
Abstract: LFMCW radar have a high range measuring accuracy in theory. But in practice, the picket fence effect of the FFT transform, making the range resolution and range accuracy in the same order of magnitude, can not meet the accuracy requirements for the near range measuring . Cascade FFT method is adopted to reduce frequency space of the main lobe of echo range spectrum on the FFT with increasing the less operation .The method can greatly improve the range precision of LFMCW Radar.
Authors: Bai Yang Lou, Yi Xiang Tang, Xiao Li
Abstract: In the sodium silicate electrolyte system, the uniform ceramic films formed on AZ91D magnesium alloys were obtained by the pulse power when the current density is 40mA/cm2. The morphology, phase composition, anticorrosion and abrasion resistance behaviors in corrosive medium were studied scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results show that Micro-arc oxidation film is of double-layer structure (loose layer and compact layer), uniform surface and local cracks. Micro-arc oxidation treatment enhanced the anticorrosion of magnesium alloy. The corrosion potential of micro-arc oxidation film is more increased by 94mV than that of the magnesium alloy substrate. The abrasion of the film will be reduced in corroding medium.
Authors: Jian Na Zhao, Jing Xu
Abstract: With the advent of knowledge economy era, the man is becoming the key factor to achieve his own strategic objectives. Therefore,in the development of the electric power Industry, the development, utilization and management of human resources have become not only the key factor of electrical enterprises’ economic growth, but also form the strategic resources of enterprises' core competitiveness directly. Consequently, Human Resource Management becomes the main question electrical enterprises’ management. The purpose of human resource management is to put all staff to the best use and put them in the proper positions in order to bring all their creativity. Competition mechanism can fully motivate the staff’s initiative and creativity. That can allocate human resources rationally. Job Bidding is a competitive merit-based, effectively encouraging and energetic working mechanism which is formed during the practice of personnel reform in electrical enterprise.
Authors: Ming Liang Yang, Ge Ning Xu, Zheng Yan Chang
Abstract: For the sake of working safely and stable, large-scale shipbuilding gantry crane was designed based on the principle of metal structure:3S,Strength,Stiffness,Stability. The detailed finite element analytical computation was successfully carried out on this structure, the stress and strain distribution of this structure were obtained under various actual operations. On the basis of it, the structural improvement was carried out, the result of design indicated that the stress was evident and the weight was lightened. This laid a foundation for the structure design of large-scale shipbuilding gantry crane.
Authors: Wen Xian Tang, Jian Zhang, Bao Ma
Abstract: This paper was devoted to the numerical simulation the resin curing process. Anisotropic conduction was considered in the model. And Kamal-Ryan model was used to describe the curing kinetics of the resin. The general purpose finite element code ABAQUS was used in conjunction with its user subroutine UMATHT to solve the heat conduction equation and the kinetic model, simultaneously. Then corresponding experiment was carried out to validate the model. Finally, rate-of-cure, temperature and state-of-cure were analyzed during the curing process.
Authors: Chun E Zhang, Fan Ci Guo, Ke Xiong
Abstract: Image quality assessment plays an important role in various image processing applications. One of the challenges to objectively assess image quality is how to design an effective scheme to achieve high consistency with the classic subjective image assessment criterion, Mean Opinion Score (MOS). This work presents a novel objective assessment algorithm for binary images by considering three factors which have great influences on visual quality of binary images, i.e., structural change caused by noise point, isolated noise points, and gathering noise points. Experimental results show that our algorithm can achieve effective objective assessment results with higher consistency with the MOS criterion.
Authors: Qi Liang Ren, Ming Ming Li, Qing Li, Jin Shan Chen, Bo Li
Abstract: In order to realize scientific planning the layout of strategic loading station, the strategic-loading –station location problem was proposed, which is related to determine the location of each stay with station and the transportation plan on the precise of satisfying the general location constraints and problem related special constraints. Based on theory of capacitated facility location with multiple souring in two stage supply chain, one mixed integer linear programming model was established which took whole logistic cost embedding transportation and location costs as objective. When confronted with small and medium size problem, this model could be exactly solved by optimization software using branch and bound algorithm, and when the problem size was big, this model could be heuristically solved by genetic algorithm which used 0-1 and priority-based combined encoding method to represent solution, cost-based and random-generated combined method to generate initial solution, solution repaired strategy and penalty method and special fitness function to deal illegal individual, and greedy based method to heuristically solve transshipment problem. At last, according to computational tests on randomly generated data demonstrated the practical feasibility of this method.
Authors: Jin Yong Liu, Xu Nan Ning, Zuo Yi Yang
Abstract: Sewage sludge incineration residue was obtained from a sewage treatment plant in Guangzhou and used as a low-cost sorbent for removing Ni2+ from wastewaters. The adsorption effectiveness and their factors of Ni2+ in aqueous solutions were simulated detailed using the adsorbents of the sludge incineration residue. The simulation contents and the factors included the adsorption time, the pH of solution and the dosage of adsorbents and so on. The results showed that at room temperature, the adsorption equilibrium of Ni2+ can be achieved in 6h and the best pH value of the solution was about 7.0. The removal rates of Ni2+ were increased with the adsorbent concentration increasing and the optimal concentration of adsorbent was 10g/L with the initial concentration of Ni2+ less than 30mg/L.At the best adsorption conditions, the removal rate of Ni2+ reached more than 70%.

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