Advanced Materials and Computer Science

Volumes 474-476

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Gao

Abstract: In this paper, we numerically investigate the chaotic behaviors of a fractional-order system. We find that chaotic behaviors exist in the...

Authors: Yan Qing Zhang

Abstract: Along with the economy development and the living standards enhancement unceasingly, the inflation also accompanies naturally lives....

Authors: Xiao Min Yu, Xiao Kun Yu

Abstract: LFMCW radar have a high range measuring accuracy in theory. But in practice, the picket fence effect of the FFT transform, making the range...

Authors: Bai Yang Lou, Yi Xiang Tang, Xiao Li

Abstract: In the sodium silicate electrolyte system, the uniform ceramic films formed on AZ91D magnesium alloys were obtained by the pulse...

Authors: Jian Na Zhao, Jing Xu

Abstract: With the advent of knowledge economy era, the man is becoming the key factor to achieve his own strategic objectives. Therefore,in the...

Authors: Ming Liang Yang, Ge Ning Xu, Zheng Yan Chang

Abstract: For the sake of working safely and stable, large-scale shipbuilding gantry crane was designed based on the principle of metal...

Authors: Wen Xian Tang, Jian Zhang, Bao Ma

Abstract: This paper was devoted to the numerical simulation the resin curing process. Anisotropic conduction was considered in the model. And...

Authors: Chun E Zhang, Fan Ci Guo, Ke Xiong

Abstract: Image quality assessment plays an important role in various image processing applications. One of the challenges to objectively assess image...

Authors: Qi Liang Ren, Ming Ming Li, Qing Li, Jin Shan Chen, Bo Li

Abstract: In order to realize scientific planning the layout of strategic loading station, the strategic-loading –station location problem was...

Authors: Jin Yong Liu, Xu Nan Ning, Zuo Yi Yang

Abstract: Sewage sludge incineration residue was obtained from a sewage treatment plant in Guangzhou and used as a low-cost sorbent for removing...


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