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Edited by: M. Ashraf Imam, F. H. Froes, Kevin F. Dring
Online since: May 2010
Description: The main purpose of this special collection was to gather together up-to-date knowledge from scientists, researchers and technologists in order to review the status of processing technologies, materials development, emerging applications and economics/affordability issues.
The resultant scope is necessarily broad: contributors who are involved in titanium production technology, vapor, solid and liquid titanium processing/post-processing, alloy development, microstructure/property enhancement, modeling and simulation, and applications and market development were invited to participate. The diverse mix of papers presented here reflects the breadth of activity aimed at the cost-affordable use of titanium in emerging applications. The editors’ opening overview paper attempts to present the broad sweep of present and projected titanium cost-reduction schemes; in both titanium production and in subsequent processing. What is made particularly clear is that the impetus, in broadening markets, for titanium is very dependent upon cost reduction; particularly in cost-sensitive industries such as automobile production.


Edited by: Wei Pan and Jianghong Gong
Online since: March 2010
Description: This special volume presents the latest advances in the science and technology of high-performance ceramics. More than 600 excellent contributions were further refined, using a strict peer-review process, to give the more than 243 manuscripts included in this collection.


Edited by: Daniel G. Sanders
Online since: March 2010
Description: The original use of superplastic materials involved mainly applications involving aluminium and titanium. However, discoveries made all over the globe have led to the development of superplastic ceramics, intermetallics, nano-materials, plastics, glasses and other substances.


Edited by: Yingxue Yao, Dunwen Zuo and Xipeng Xu
Online since: March 2010
Description: This collection of 142 papers was carefully selected from the more than 300 papers submitted. All of the papers were subjected to peer-review by at least two expert referees.


Edited by: P. W. R. Beaumont and Y. Shibuya
Online since: March 2010
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
This special issue collects together selected papers from the oeuvre of Professor Hideki Sekine concerning micromechanical research into the fracture of composite materials.


Edited by: Yuan Ming Huang
Online since: January 2010
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Liquid crystals are substances that have properties which are intermediate between those of a conventional liquid and those of a solid crystal. This special collection comprises peer-reviewed papers that are concerned with all aspects of liquid crystal science and technology. The volume consists of five parts: plenary lectures, the molecular design and synthesis of liquid crystals, the characterization of liquid crystals, the applications of liquid crystals, and the emerging technologies and materials relevant to information display.


Edited by: Dunwen Zuo, Hun Guo, Guoxing Tang, Weidong Jin, Chunjie Liu and Chun Su
Online since: January 2010
Description: This collection of peer-reviewed papers covers a wealth of innovations and practical experience regarding engineering and technology; materials science and technology in manufacturing including artificial materials, forming, novel material fabrication, green manufacturing, design and manufacturing of composite components, surface science and engineering, quality control of manufacturing systems, theoretical, simulation and experimental studies related to microstructure and residual stress; manufacturing systems and technologies including manufacturing process simulation, CIMS and manufacturing systems, vibration measurement and reliability analysis, finite-element analysis and structural optimization, fault diagnosis and maintenance theory, intelligent mechatronics and robotics, elements, structures, mechanisms, applications of micro- and nano-systems, compound machine tools, rapid prototyping, printing (ex. embossing), complex mechanico-electro-liquid system, PDM, ERP, CRM, FMS, PLM, logistics and supply chain, effects of machining method or technique on mechanical properties of materials, RPM, and Management.


Edited by: Mohamed A. Taha, Ahmed M. El-Sabbagh and Iman M. Taha
Online since: January 2010
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
Composite materials are increasingly finding use in diverse applications requiring a wide range of property and performance requirements. Low density, high specific strength and stiffness are the main features that make composite materials most suitable for structural applications. The field covers the concurrent manipulation of the material’s composition and of the internal architecture of the composite in order to obtain the desired properties. The ability to tailor composite materials precisely is of great importance in structural applications. A systematic approach to the optimum tailoring of composite materials is a challenging design problem. The focus should be on the practical design aspects, and that is what is addressed in this special-topic volume.


Edited by: A. Erman Tekkaya and Nooman Ben Khalifa
Online since: December 2009
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
This special collection comprises 36 peer-reviewed papers giving an insight into the latest advances in extrusion technology and its simulation. The papers cover a wide range of topics and are grouped into the categories of: benchmark, microstructure, seam welds and composite extrusion, material flow and constitutive equations, dies and tools and process control and optimization. However, many other topics, such as new materials (magnesium and its composites) and new composite profiles, are covered.


Edited by: Nicolás de la Rosa Fox
Online since: December 2009
Description: This special collection on the Mechanical Properties of Solids gives an accurate picture, of the distribution of current research, from the viewpoint of the mechanical properties of solids.


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