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Authors: A.F. Gualtieri, D. Levy, E. Belluso, M. Dapiaggi
Abstract:This work is a preliminary kinetic study of the crocidolite decomposition followed in situ at high temperature using real time conventional...
Authors: A.F. Gualtieri, P. Norby, C. P. Grey, J.C. Hanson
Abstract:The HFC-134/NaY binding has been monitored by temperature dependent X-ray powder diffraction. Diffraction patterns were obtained as a...
Authors: J. Göske, U. König, Herbert Pöllmann
Abstract:Lamellar calciumaluminatehydrates are products of the hydration of ordinary Portland cement and play an important role in its hardening...
Authors: S.A. Ivanov, Sergei Yu. Stefanovich, S.-G. Eriksson, V.I. Voronkova, T.Yu. Losevskaya, V.K. Yanovskii, Roland Tellgren, Håkan Rundlöf
Abstract:The evolution of the crystal structures as a function of temperature of the new solid- solution KTiOPO4 (KTP) isomorphs, namely...
Authors: Uwe König, Herbert Pöllmann
Abstract:Synthetic manganeous Layered Double Hydroxides of the Hydrotalcite- and Shigaite- type were prepared by the coprecipitation method. The...
Authors: D. Lisovytskiy, Z. Kaszkur, V. N. Baumer, J. Pielaszek, J. Marzec, J. Molenda, J. Dygas, Monika Kopeć, F. Krok
Abstract:Abstract. Lithium-manganese spinels obtained by sol-gel method were studied by XRD, impedance spectroscopy, electric conductivity and...
Authors: Kenny Ståhl, Ester Gustavsson, Claus J.H. Jacobsen, Iver Schmidt
Abstract:The calcination of the zeolite ZSM-5 was studied by in situ X-ray synchrotron powder diffraction. Two samples were studied: One...
Authors: A.K. Azad, S.-G. Eriksson, S.M. Yunus, J. Eriksen, Håkan Rundlöf
Abstract:Solid solutions of GaxCoFe1-xCrO4 ( x = 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0) were obtained by solid state reactions...
Authors: Artur Ferreira, Zhi Lin, Maria do Rosário Soares, J. Rocha
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