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Authors: E.A. Maximovski, N.I. Fainer, M. Rumyantsev
Abstract:Thin nanocrystalline CdS and CdxZn1-xS films have been synthesized on InP(100), Si(100), GaAs (100), sapphire(100) and fused silica...
Authors: Karen Pantleon, Jens Dahl Jensen, Marcel A.J. Somers
Abstract:Copper layers were deposited from acidic electrolytes containing different amounts of organic additives, designed for the formation of...
Authors: T.G. Kryshtab
Abstract:The structural characteristics of Au-TiB 2/GaAs and Au-Mo-TiB2-AuGe/GaAs device structures after deposition and...
Authors: Jian Zhong Jiang
Authors: Claus J.H. Jacobsen, Iver Schmidt, Michael Brorson, Astrid Boisen, Thomas W. Hansen, Søren Dahl
Abstract:Nanomaterials are the building blocks of nanotechnology. Recently, nanotube materials have attracted considerable attention due to their...
Authors: D. Jehnichen, D. Pospiech, L. Häußler, P. Friedel, A. Gottwald, S. Kummer
Abstract:Alkyl-perfluoroalkyl compounds are known to form a microphase-separated structure due to the thermodynamic immiscibility between the...
Authors: N. Mattern, U. Kühn, J. Sakowski, J. Neuefeind, Jürgen Eckert
Abstract:The glass transition and the phase formation during crystallization of the ...
Authors: Thilo Herrmannsdörfer, A. Dönni, P. Fischer, L. Keller, S. Janssen, Angela Furrer, B. van den Brandt, H. Kitazawa
Abstract:The low-temperature magnetic properties of the rare-earth intermetallic compound system R3Pd20Si6 (R = rare...
Authors: E. Jansen, Wolfgang Schäfer, A. Kirfel, J. Palacios
Abstract:The longtime stability of copper textures has been periodically monitored over 12 years by neutron diffraction pole figure measurements on a...
Authors: A.R. Kilmametov, Igor V. Alexandrov, Anna Dubravina
Abstract:In the present work the processes of crystallographic texture formation during severe plastic deformation (SPD), which has been carried out...
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