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Authors: S. Battaglia, F. Mango
Abstract:Thermal expansion coefficients (TEC) of some metallic samples and rocks, along with one sample of amorphous silica, were determined ...
Authors: Kurt Erlacher, R. Görgl, Jozef Keckes, Hannes F. Jakob, L. Bruegemann, P. Doppler, A. Bergmann, Heinz Leitner, S. Marsoner, Peter Fratzl
Abstract:A laboratory system (NanoSTAR) based on a combination of specially designed X-ray multilayer optics (Göbel Mirrors) with optical ...
Authors: Bonglea Kim, Boris Verman, Licai Jiang
Abstract:X-ray diffraction systems based on a microfocusing X-ray source and multilayer side-by-side optics are suitable for X-ray diffraction...
Authors: D. Šimek, Radomír Kužel, J. Kub, F. Kunc
Abstract:Textured thin film of PbTiO3 on glass and both textured and stressed films of TiB2 on iron substrate were investigated...
Authors: Boris Verman, Srivatsan Seshadri, Bonglea Kim
Abstract:A simple analytical approach is given to calculate the performance of parabolic mirrors for various wavelengths. Expressions are given for...
Authors: A. Zięba, W. Dąbrowski, P. Gryboś, W. Pawroźnik, J.R. Słowik, T. Stobiecki, K. Świentek, P. Wiącek
Abstract:Silicon strip detectors represent a new class of one-dimensional position-sensitive single photon counting devices. They allow a reduction of...
Authors: Jan T. Bonarski
Abstract:Crystallographic texture is one of frequently investigated properties of near-surface regions. From the application point of view, the...
Authors: M. Hecker, N. Mattern, W. Brückner, C.M. Schneider
Abstract:The subject of the present investigation is the influence of annealing on the microstructure of Co thin films. In particular, the evolution...
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