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Authors: Hong Xiang Zhai, Zhen Ying Huang, Yang Zhou, Zhi Li Zhang, Shi Bo Li, Yi Fan Wang

Abstract: The friction behavior of a high-purity bulk titanium aluminum carbide (Ti3AlC2) material dryly sliding against low carbon steel was...

Authors: Hongying Dong, Wen Bo Han, Shu Jie Li

Abstract: The investigation on joining of SiC to SiC has been conducted for some years. It is essential that the mechanical and thermal properties of...

Authors: Zhi Li Zhang, Hong Xiang Zhai, Zhen Ying Huang, Yang Zhou, Shi Bo Li

Abstract: In this paper, tribological tests for Ti3SiC2 sliding against low carbon steel were made on a block-on-disc type friction tester, with the...

Authors: Chong Gao Bao, Wei Pan, He Zhuo Miao

Abstract: The erosion resistance of α-Al2O3 ceramics in flowing suspensions of solid particles was investigated with a rotary disk erosion wear...

Authors: Hong Li Liu, Shu Jie Li, Zhi Jun Chen

Abstract: Carbon fibre reinforced SiC (Cf /SiC) as a promising high temperature structural material possesses broad prospects for aeronautical and...

Authors: G.H. Liu, Ke Xin Chen, He Ping Zhou, José Maria F. Ferreira

Abstract: In this paper, single-phase Yb α-SiAlON ceramics were prepared by pressureless sintering and the densification, phase transformation as well...

Authors: Xue Min Cui, Ji Zhou, Yong Huang, Chang An Wang, Shi Xi Ouyang

Abstract: A new method, which allowed lamination at room temperature without any additional adhesive, was described in this paper. A low Tg...

Authors: Xin Lu, Xiao Shan Ning, Wei Xu, He Ping Zhou, Ke Xin Chen

Abstract: α-Si3N4 ceramics were sintered at a low temperature of 1773K by using a spark-plasma-sintering (SPS) method with different heating rates,...

Authors: Li Min Dong, Chen Wang, Qing Feng Zan, Jie Mo Tian

Abstract: The oxidation behavior of Ca-α-Sialon composites prepared by using the powders of α-Si3N4, AlN, Al2O3 and CaCO3 as the starting materials...

Authors: Xiangge Qin, Jianbo Sun, Guo Quan Liu

Abstract: In this paper, we have employed a kinetic Potts model to simulate sintering of ceramics in which grain growth and densification of...


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