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Authors: Zhen Ji, Zhigang Xiao, Sen Wang, You Song Gu, Cheng Zhou, Yue Zhang

Abstract: In order to meet the demand on the miniaturization and manufacturing cost reduction of the multilayer ceramic capacitors we have developed a...

Authors: Jun Jie Hao, Xiao Hui Wang, Jian Ling Zhao, Long Tu Li

Abstract: Textured bismuth titanate ceramics were successfully produced by spark plasma sintering, using plate-like Bi4Ti3O12 particles prepared by a...

Authors: Lili Zhao, Feng Gao, Wei Min Wang, Chang Sheng Tian

Abstract: The oriented 0.67Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.33PbTiO3 (PMNT) polycrystals were prepared by the conventional ceramic technique and the templated...

Authors: Shao Xia Yang, Yu Jie Feng, Jiafeng Wan, Wanpeng Zhu, Zhanpeng Jiang

Abstract: A catalyst, as a kind of function material, plays important roles. In the paper RuO2/g-Al2O3 and RuO2-TiO2/g-Al2O3 catalyst were prepared...

Authors: Zhi Gang Zhu, Bao Shan Li, Guo Rong Li, Xiang Ping Jiang, Qing Rui Yin

Abstract: The use of lead zirconate titanate ceramics for high power application must have superior mechanical properties, the composition...

Authors: Yan Hong Yin, Chang Rong Xia, Wei Zhu, Guo Yong, Guang Yao Meng

Abstract: NiO-SDC(Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9) cermet anodes for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) were fabricated by sintering NiO-SDC composite particles derived...

Authors: Shi Xi Zhao, Qiang Li, Feng Bing Song

Abstract: Single perovskite phase PMN-PT powders had been synthesized using molten salts method. The powders of PMN-PT synthesized by MSS had...

Authors: Xing Yan Xu, Chang Rong Xia, Shou Guo Huang, Guang Yao Meng

Abstract: Composites consisting of silver and yttria-stabilized bismuth oxide (YSB) were fabricated and investigated as cathodes for...

Authors: Jing Jing Liu, Zuo Wan Zhou, Kai Wang, Yanxia Li

Abstract: Tin doped tetra-pod shaped ZnO (T-ZnO) were fabricated by equilibrant airflow reaction method. The microstructure of tin doped T-ZnO was...

Authors: Bo Ping Zhang, Li Min Zhang, Jing Feng Li, Hai Long Zhang, Song Zhe Jin

Abstract: Lead-free piezoelectric ceramics have received more attention due to the environmental protection of the earth. Niobate ceramics such as...


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