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Authors: Jing Yi Cui, Liquan Guo, Ju Sheng Ma
Abstract:Adding nano-particles with high refractive index can greatly improve the optical properties of the PMMA-based composites, which were...
Authors: Ninglin Zhou, Xiao Xian Xia, Li Li, Shao Hua Wei, Jian Shen
Abstract:A novel exfoliated polyurethane (PU)/clay Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPNs) nanocomposite has been synthesized with polyurethane and...
Authors: Wen Fang Liu, Zhao Xia Guo, Jian Yu
Abstract:Stearic acid coated nanometer CaCO3 was encapsulated by polystyrene (PS) network via emulsion polymerization, where a polyfunctional monomer...
Authors: Wen Yang, Hiroshi Araki, Somsri Thaveethavorn, Akira Kohyama, Jin Nan Yu, Hiroshi Suzuki, Tetsuji Noda
Authors: Qiang Zeng, Y. Bayazitoglu, Jiang Zhu, Kenneth Wilson, M. Ashraf Imam, Enrique V. Barrera
Abstract:This study considers a method for producing SWNTs reinforced lightweight metal-matrix composites. In this research, fluorination has been...
Authors: Bang Ming Tang, Xuefeng An, Xiao Su Yi
Abstract:Resin matrixes for aeronautic advanced composites based on thermoplastic PEK-C (modified polyetherketone) and blending epoxies of DGEBA...
Authors: Shicai Jiang, Li Ying Xing, Bin Tai Li
Abstract:A radar absorbing structure composite (RAS) which contains circuit analogue structure (CAS) made from conductive foil was studied in this...
Authors: Li Li, Ninglin Zhou, Shao Hua Wei, Bin Xu, Yufang Qin, Jian Shen
Abstract:A super-absorbent polymer (SAP) is synthesized with polystyrene foam (PSF) and sodium acrylate through inverse emulsion polymerization. The...
Authors: Zuo Wan Zhou, Shuchun Hu, Long Sheng Chu
Abstract:Tetra-needle like ZnO whisker modified NR-SBR-BR and PPS composites were prepared. The outcome of the investigation indicated that T-ZnO had...
Authors: Rui Yang, Jian Yu, Kun Hua Wang
Abstract:The photo-oxidation stability is crucial for the materials that are exposed to outdoor application. For polyethylene, it has been...
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