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Authors: Hong Yu Xu, Lin Geng, Qing Chang Meng

Abstract: In this paper, pure aluminum and Al-Cu (1%, 3% and 5% mass.) alloy matrix composites reinforced with 40Vol% Al2O3-SiO2 sort fiber were...

Authors: Zhen Zhu Zheng, Lin Geng, Xue Nan Zhang

Abstract: In-situ 5 vol% TiB whisker and TiC particulates reinforced titanium composites were fabricated by blending Ti powder and B4C particulates...

Authors: Q. Zhang, Zi Yang Xiu, Mei Hui Song, Gao Hui Wu

Abstract: For the purpose of electronic packaging applications, a homogenous and void free 4032Al (Al-12wt.%Si) matrix composite with 70vol.% SiC...

Authors: A.H. Feng, Lin Geng, Shou Jiang Qu

Abstract: The compressive properties characterized as a function of the true stress-strain response of -Si3N4 whisker reinforced 4032 aluminum alloy...

Authors: Yao Chun Qin, Shi Yu He, Dezhua

Abstract: The mechanical properties of B/Al composite were measured at room temperature before and after thermal-mechanical cycling (TMC) in the...

Authors: S.B. Li, Ming Yi Zheng, Wei Min Gan, Kun Wu

Abstract: The compressive behavior of squeeze cast SiCw/AZ91 composite in the temperature range of 423-723K and in the strain rate range of 0.001-0.25...

Authors: Shui Yuan Chen, Zhi Gao Huang, Heng Lai, Rongquan Gai, Feng Ming Zhang, You Wei Du

Abstract: Ferromagnetic (FM) La2/3(Ca0.6Ba0.4)1/3MnO3 and antiferromagnetic (AFM) NiO nanoparticles were synthesized using sol-gel method,...

Authors: J.K. Yu, Q. Yan, Pin Yang Fang

Abstract: The solidification and defects of Al/SiC and Al/C composites were investigated by directional solidification techniques. The solidification...

Authors: Qing Wu Meng, Lin Geng, Zhen Zhu Zheng

Abstract: Using a CO2 laser, a process of cladding Ni-base composite coating on Ti6Al4V with pre-placed B4C and NiCoCrAlY was studied. A good...

Authors: Yang Zhou, Hong Xiang Zhai, Zhen Ying Huang, Ming Xing Ai, Zhi Li Zhang, Shi Bo Li, Cui Wei Li

Abstract: Various toughening methods, i.e. partially stabilized zirconia transformation toughening, transformation- SiC whisker reinforcing and...


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