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Authors: X.P. Guo, Ping Guan, X. Ding, Jun Zhang, K. Kusabiraki, Heng Zhi Fu

Abstract: The directionally solidified specimens of Nb-13.52 Si-22.60 Ti–6.88 Hf–2.54 Cr–2.24 Al alloy were prepared in an electron beam floating zone...

Authors: Jian Ting Guo, Xing Hao Du, Lan Zhang Zhou

Abstract: During the past ten years, mechanical alloying/ball milling has been employed to successfully synthesize nanocrystalline NiAl intermetallic...

Authors: Ya Xu, Satoshi Kameoka, Kyosuke Kishida, Masahiko Demura, An Pong Tsai, Toshiyuki Hirano

Abstract: Ni3Al has attractive high temperature properties, such as high strength and good oxidation/corrosion resistance, and is possible to be used...

Authors: Zbigniew Witczak, Przemysław Witczak, Ryszard Jemielniak

Abstract: Mechanical properties of two stoichiometric NiAl intermetallic alloys processed by hot hydrostatic extrusion were investigated. The ingots...

Authors: Wei Li Ren, Jian Ting Guo, Gu Song Li, Jian Sheng Wu

Abstract: The tensile creep behavior of NiAl-9Mo eutectic alloy has been investigated over a stress range of 50 to 100MPa at the temperatures ranging...

Authors: Jin Xia Song, Ya Fang Han, Cheng Bo Xiao

Abstract: The effect of ion implantation of yttrium on the oxidation behavior of Ni3Al base alloy IC6 at 1100°C was investigated by SEM/EDS, TEM and...

Authors: Xing Hao Du, Guang Ye Zhang, Jian Ting Guo

Abstract: The creep behavior and mechanisms of extruded NiAl-25Cr alloy at elevated temperatures have been studied in the paper. Analysis of the...

Authors: X.J. Zhang, Yan Niu

Abstract: Small amounts of silver have been added to the intermetallic compound β-NiAl for the purpose of improving its mechanical properties. Four...

Authors: A. Jaworski, Sreeramamurthy Ankem

Abstract: In recent years, significant advances have been made in regard to the creep deformation behavior of two phase titanium alloys. It has been...

Authors: Jun Pin Lin, Xiang Jun Xu, Jian Feng Gao, Yan Li Wang, Zhi Lin, Guo Liang Chen

Abstract: . A hot working and its effect on the microstructure and tensile properties of Ti-45Al-9 (Nb, W, B, Y) alloy ingot on industrial scale were...


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