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Authors: Xi Shan Xie, Shuang Qun Zhao, Jian Xin Dong, Gaylord D. Smith, Shalesh J. Patel

Abstract: A new nickel-base superalloy Ni-25Cr-20Co-0.5Mo-2Nb-1.7Ti-0.8Al has just developed by Special Metals Corporation in the application to...

Authors: Katsushi Tanaka, T. Kajikawa, T. Ichitsubo, M. Osawa, Tadaharu Yokokawa, Hiroshi Harada

Abstract: Internal elastic strain, and its change accompanied with the raft formation during creep deformation in the Ni-based single crystal...

Authors: Yuichiro Koizumi, Hiroshi Harada

Abstract: The creep behavior and microstructure of several nickel-base single-crystal superalloys after high-temperature low-stress creep have been...

Authors: Yue Feng Gu, Y. Ro, Hiroshi Harada

Abstract: The mechanical properties of chromium (Cr) and Cr-base alloys are reviewed, with particular emphasis on the ductility at ambient temperature...

Authors: Jun Kyung Sung, Mok Soon Kim, Won Yong Kim, Akihiko Chiba

Abstract: A recrystallized Co-Ni-Cr-Mo based superalloy was produced by cold working of 72% and subsequent recrystallization heat treatment....

Authors: Nho Kwang Park, Jong Taek Yeom

Abstract: Hot isostatic pressing(HIP)/diffusion bonding(DB) was employed for cast superalloy MM247 and P/M superalloy Udimet720. The effects of P/M...

Authors: Sung Wook Kim, Chang Hee Lee

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the effect of heating rate on the phase transition between additive base metal powder and liquid...

Authors: Amer E. Amer, S.A. EL-Ghazaly, Y.S. Shash, S. Weiss

Abstract: Iron-base superalloys are well known materials having excellent high temperature properties .They are used in turbo superchargers and...

Authors: Jai Won Byeon, C.S. Kim, Y.H. Kim, S.I. Kwun, S.J. Hong

Abstract: An attempt was made to assess the surface damage in the isothermally degraded FSX414 Co-based superalloy using ultrasonic Rayleigh surface...

Authors: Q. Feng, L.J. Rowland, T.M. Pollock

Abstract: Three unusual Ru-rich phases have been identified in a multicomponent Ni-base single crystal superalloy, including a L21 Ru2AlTa Heusler...


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