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Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Bong Koo Park, Kee Sam Shin, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung

Abstract: Effort has been devoted to develop new heat resistant diecasting alloys based on Mg-Al- Zn system in this research. Small amounts of...

Authors: Tae Kwon Ha, Hwan Jin Sung, Woo Jin Park, Sang Ho Ahn

Abstract: The effect of warm rolling under various conditions on the microstructure and mechanical property was investigated using an AZ31 Mg alloy...

Authors: Qinglin Jin, Su Gun Lim, Bong Sun You

Abstract: The initial coarse grain size of 400γŽ› of a as-cast AZ31 alloy was refined to 130γŽ› by carbon addition method. The microstructural evolution,...

Authors: Yeon Jun Chung, Kwang Seon Shin

Abstract: The effects of precipitates and alloying element on the high temperature tensile properties of Mg-Al alloys were investigated in this study....

Authors: Hwa Chul Jung, Young Cheol Lee, Kwang Seon Shin

Abstract: Magnesium die-casting has experienced dramatic growth over the past decade and the recycling of magnesium scrap has become increasingly...

Authors: Hyo Tae Jeong, Woo Jin Kim

Abstract: Microstructure and texture evolution in the AZ31 Mg alloy subject to equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) have been investigated and...

Authors: H.S. Kim, Hyo Tae Jeong, Ha Guk Jeong, Woo Jin Kim

Abstract: The softening of fine-grained ECAPed AZ31 Mg alloys could be ascribed to the texture modification during ECAP. Lower ECAP temperature is...

Authors: Chang Yong Lee, Won Bae Lee, Yun Mo Yeon, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: Friction stir welding of similar Mg-Zn-Y alloy was successfully carried out under various welding conditions. The external shape of the...

Authors: Elhachmi Essadiqi, Wei Jie Liu, V. Kao, Shuang Lin Yue, Ravi Verma

Abstract: In this study, isothermal torsion tests were carried out on magnesium AZ31B alloy under constant strain rate conditions, in the range of 250...

Authors: Yong Qing Zhao, Lian Zhou

Abstract: China pays great attentions to the development of titanium alloys and their basic theory because of their excellent properties. New titanium...


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