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Authors: Yong Suk Kim, J.S. Ha, Dong Hyuk Shin
Abstract:Coarse grains of commercial 5052 Al and 5083 Al alloys were refined by the accumulative roll bonding (ARB) process. Average grain size of the...
Authors: Y.G. Kim, Jung Pyung Choi, Joon Pyo Park, Ki Bae Kim, Eui Pak Yoon, T.W. Nam
Abstract:The separation system including a DC electric field with steady magnetic field was adopted for removal of inclusion in molten Al alloy. But,...
Authors: Jung Pyung Choi, Ki Bae Kim, Joon Pyo Park, Eui Pak Yoon, T.W. Nam
Abstract:In this study, the electromagnetic vibration process is adopted for modifying the eutectic Si phase and reducing its size. The higher the...
Authors: Eui Pak Yoon, Jung Pyung Choi, Joon Pyo Park, Ki Bae Kim, W.Y. Yoon, Myung Ho Kim, Kwon H. Kim, T.W. Nam
Abstract:In this study, the electromagnetic vibration is adopted for control of the size of primary Si phase. The higher the current density and...
Authors: Saidmurod Akramov, Min Gu Lee, In Soo Kim, Dong Young Sung, Byung Hyun Park
Abstract:. Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) is useful method to obtain the ultra-fine grained and the high hardened metal. The microstructure,...
Authors: Shigeo Saimoto, S. Cao, Raja K. Mishra
Abstract:Predictions of chromium additions to aluminum alloys to stabilize the deformation debris products were examined. Additions of 0.22 wt. % Cr...
Authors: Fuqian Yang, Lingling Peng, Kenji Okazaki
Abstract:The localized deformation behavior of annealed Al and Al severely deformed by ECAE process was determined by using microindentation test....
Authors: Xie Min Mao, Zhi Ying Ouyang, Jin Long Zhang
Abstract:Melt treatment is one of the most important processes in the production of casting Al alloys. It is also a source of environmental...
Authors: Koichi Kitazono, Eiichi Sato
Abstract:Aluminum foams having extremely low densities offer a large potential for lightweight structural materials. New manufacturing process...
Authors: Sang Min Lee, K. Ryu, Young Jae Kwon, J.G. Kim, Won Seung Cho, Nam Hee Cho, Chin Myung Whang, Yeon Chul Yoo
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