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Authors: J.M. Ahn, H.Y. Kim, T.H. Kim

Abstract: The effects of following four factors, which are laser power, assist gas pressure, cooling rate and scanning speed on the quality...

Authors: Changjiang Song, Zhen Ming Xu, Jian Guo Li

Abstract: The Electromagnetic Confinement and Shaping (EMCS) process is a crucibleless melting and mouldless shaping technology by alternating...

Authors: Zhen Hua Li, Mei Hong Liu, Jun Ruo Chen, Rong Feng Zhou

Abstract: A new nonlinear constructive model for description of temperature field of carbon steel axisymmetric body during the magnetic field...

Authors: Young Min Kim, Sung Kyu Kim, Nack J. Kim

Abstract: The yield ratio of various HSLA steels has been correlated with the materials constants of Swift equation. It has been shown that the...

Authors: Youn Bae Kang, In Ho Jung, Hae Geon Lee

Abstract: The MnO-SiO2-TiO2-Ti2O3 system is a key oxide system for well known “Oxide Metallurgy” for HSLA steel. However, the available thermodynamic...

Authors: Raghavan Subasri, Tadashi Shinohara

Abstract: A TiO2 coating when directly applied on copper plate showed an instantaneous ptype behavior, i.e. ennoblement of electrode potential on...

Authors: X.J. Hao, H. Ohtsuka

Abstract: The effects of a high magnetic field on phase transformation behaviors and microstructures in Fe-based alloys have been extensively studied....

Authors: Yoshitaka Adachi, Fu Xing Yin, Kazunari Hakata, Kaneaki Tsuzaki

Abstract: Variant selection of bcc-Cr at the grain boundaries in a supersaturated fcc matrix was studied using a Ni-43Cr alloy. The preferentially...

Authors: Xiao Mu Zhang, Zhi Yong Zhang, Yun Peng, Zhi Ling Tian, Chang Hong He, Hong Jun Xiao, Cheng Yong Ma

Abstract: Aluminum alloy has being widely used in modern automobile and aeronautic industry. However, the welding of aluminum alloy, especially high...

Authors: Jian Guo Li, Min Huang, Zimu Shi, Dong Yu Liu

Abstract: The AlTiC master alloy has been prepared in different components to refine 99.8%Al and 99.98%Al, then compared to two typical Al5Ti1B in...


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