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Authors: Jae Cheon Ahn, Gyu Man Sim, Kyung Sub Lee

Abstract: Effects of aging treatment on high temperature strength of Nb added ferritic stainless steels for automotive parts were investigated. Hot...

Authors: Su Young Kim, Il Dong Choi, Ik Min Park, Kyung Mok Cho

Abstract: The influence of the texture development in Ti-added (0.03, 0.05 and 0.07wt%) IF (Interstitial Free) steels on physical properties,...

Authors: Sasan Yazdani, M.A. Rahimi

Abstract: The aim of the this investigation is to study the influence of Ni on tribiological behavior of an austempered ductile iron (ADI) containing...

Authors: M.Tadayon Saidi, N. Baghersaie, N. Varahram

Abstract: Austempered ductile iron provide a unique combination of strength and toughness coupled with excellent design flexibility for automotive...

Authors: Zhun Li Tan, Bing Zhe Bai, Hong Sheng Fang, Fu Bao Yang

Abstract: The relationship between the toughness and silicon content of high strength Mn-Si-Cr series bainitic steels has been investigated. The...

Authors: Han Guang Fu, Zhi Qiang Jiang, Jian Dong Xing, Yan Xiang Li

Abstract: The influence of rare earths(RE) and Mg compound modification on eutectic carbide morphology and matrix of high speed steel(HSS) roll was...

Authors: Yuji Hosoya, Tadashi Shinohara, Shin-ichi Motoda, Wataru Oshikawa

Abstract: Atmospheric corrosion for carbon steel was discussed with taking notice of the relation between the corrosion rate, CR, and the thickness of...

Authors: Naoki Washizu, Haruo Baba
Authors: Fu Gao Wei, Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Toru Hara

Abstract: A new method has been developed to determine the activation energy for hydrogen desorption from steels by means of thermal desorption...

Authors: Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Fu Gao Wei

Abstract: Hydrogen absorption of incoherent TiC particles that were once reported to be strong hydrogen traps in iron at room temperature was...


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