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Authors: Q.P. Meng, Yong Hua Rong, T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: The quantitative relationships are suggested that the applied stress decreases the nucleation barrier and activation energy of nucleation...

Authors: Jun Jie Qi, Wang Yue Yang, Zu Qing Sun, X. Zhang

Abstract: Quantitative characterization of microstructural development during deformation enhanced transformation in a low carbon steel was...

Authors: Long Li, Chun Zheng Yang, Hua Ding, Lin Xiu Du, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang, Hongmei Song, Pijun Zhang

Abstract: TMCP treatments were carried out on B510L steel followed by using a pilot rolling mill. Effects of finish rolling temperature and coiling...

Authors: Sung Kang Hur, Kee Sam Shin, Jung Hoon Yoo, Ja Min Koo, Soo Lee, Yeon Gil Jung, Chang Wan Bae

Abstract: The evolution of microstructure and its effects on the mechanical properties of modified 9%Cr-1%Mo steel during heat-treating at 1050°C for...

Authors: Cheng Jia Shang, Y.T. Zhao, Xue Min Wang, L.J. Hu, Shan Wu Yang, Xin Lai He

Abstract: The influence of processing parameters on the acicular ferrite formation for the low carbon microalloying steel was studied. The results...

Authors: Kee Hyun Kim, Nong Moon Hwang, Byeong Joo Lee, Jong Kyu Yoon

Abstract: Mechanical properties of line pipe steels used in the deep sea or in the severe cold climate depend on alloying elements and manufacturing...

Authors: Ye Hua Jiang, Rong Feng Zhou, Dehong Lu, Zhen Hua Li

Abstract: A bainite/martensite dual-phase cast steel was fabricated by a process of combination of alloying with Si and Mn elements and controlled...

Authors: Yun Hua Huang, Yue Zhang, Hao Zhai, Cheng Zhou, Jian He

Abstract: The microstructure of a microalloying non-quenching and tempering steel developed recently was analyzed through OM, SEM and TEM, in order...

Authors: L.N. Zhang, X. Zhang, Y. Ma, D.L. Liu

Abstract: Plain low carbon steel produced by compact strip production (CSP) process was analyzed using TEM, EELS and XEDS. Nano-sized oxides and...

Authors: Guoan Chen, Wang Yue Yang, Shou Zhen Guo, Zu Qing Sun

Abstract: By using TEM strain-induced precipitation of Nb(CN) during deformation of undercooled austenite was investigated in Nb-microalloyed steel....


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