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Authors: Long Fei Li, Wang Yue Yang, Zu Qing Sun

Abstract: The hot deformation behavior of a low carbon Nb-microalloyed steel is investigated by hot compression test in the ferrite phase region...

Authors: Zheng Zhi Zhao, Yong Lin Kang, Xin Ping Mao, Yin Li Chen, Gui Jiang Chen, Xue Wen Chen

Abstract: The recrystallization behavior of high strength automobile steel sheets (ZJ590L) developed by CSP technology is studied in this paper. The...

Authors: Saden H. Zahiri, S.I. Kim, Sang Min Byon, Peter D. Hodgson, Y. Lee

Abstract: We have investigated the static and metadynamic behaviour of the interstitial free steels and in particular the effects of the steeling...

Authors: Sang Jae An, Jae-Young An, S.I. Kim, Young Jae Kwon, Yeon Chul Yoo
Authors: Ping Yang, Wang Yue Yang, Zu Qing Sun

Abstract: Texture evolutions are determined by XRD and EBSD techniques during ferrite refinement through deformation-enhanced ferrite transformation...

Authors: Yeon Chul Yoo, S.I. Kim, Sang Min Byon, Young Seog Lee

Abstract: A constitutive relation is proposed in this study by introducing a function prescrbing the volume fraction of dynamically recrystallized...

Authors: In Jin Shon, Seok Jae Lee, Young Seob Seo, Young Kook Lee, Yong Hwan Jeong, Chong Sool Choi

Abstract: Recrystallization behaviors have been investigated with respect to two different kinds of the initial structures, original austenite and...

Authors: Li Wang, T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: Transformation-induced-plasticity (TRIP) –aided steels are a promising solution for producing lighter, crash-resistant car bodies, due to...

Authors: Ho Sup Sim, K.S. Lee, Kon Bae Lee, Hyung Ryul Yang, Hoon Kwon

Abstract: Secondary hardening and fracture behavior in the high Co-Ni steels containing W, has been studied in terms of severe deformation, Cr...

Authors: Yan Mei Zhang, Yan Ping Liu, Zhong Hou Li, Zhong Xu

Abstract: Tungsten, molybdenum and cobalt were co-diffused into the surface of undecarburized 45 steel at 1150 °C for 6 hours by a double glow plasma...


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